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9 Tie-Dye Joggers & Sweatpants Like Charli D'Amelio's That You'll Want ASAP

Do you feel like you're losing it because seemingly every celebrity and influencer has an adorable pair of tie-dye joggers, sweatpants, a hoodie, or a sweatsuit and you don't? I sure feel like I am! I mean, did they all go shopping together at exactly the same time and place and decide tie-dye was the unofficial marker of "cool"? Well, if so, it freaking worked, because now I'm littering my search history with "tie-dye sweatpants like Charli D'Amelio's" all because I want to be cute and cozy like the TikTok teens.

If you've been on TikTok recently — and by "on," I mean hours deep into the algorithm like me, you probably noticed the rainbow tie-dye sweatpants D'Amelio has on rotation in a few of her videos. The sucker for tie-dye and spending money that I am, I couldn't even focus on her dancing because I wanted her damn pants so badly. This longing brought me to a sad conclusion. While I figured out the pants in question were none other than these Polo Ralph Lauren Tie Dye Jogger Sweatpants (Saks Fifth Avenue), I also learned they are sold out, like, everywhere. Thus began my next journey: sourcing as many tie-dye sweats like D'Amelio's as possible.

Peep these similar options below, and ready yourself to become the next big TikTok influencer — or at least look really comfy and cute.

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While you can't buy this exact set D'Amelio wore right now, you can enter your email on the Saks website to be notified when it comes back in stock. And when it does, why not throw the matching sweatshirt in your cart, too?

If D'Amelio's sweats are a little too rainbow for your taste, the above pair is also from Polo Ralph Lauren, but come in a much more muted, pastel colorway. They're a bit pricey, but the fleece material will make you never want to take them off.

You better add these to your cart before I do it for you. The pastel neon colors are trendy in every sense of the word. Even better? These joggers are literally only $13.

Normally "summer" and "sweatpants" don't go together, but this particularly bright pattern screams summer. Pair these with a white crop top and white sneakers, and you'll have your outfit for chillier summer nights on lock.

Similar in color to D'Amelio's, these joggers boast the perfect tie-dye pinwheel. I see a viral TikTok in your future with these sweatpants alone.

IMHO, these joggers are the perfect balance between D'Amelio's colorful versions and a super muted option. Anyone who's down with the tie-dye trend but isn't quite ready to assume a walking rainbow persona, these are for you.

If I'm completely honest with myself, I'd wear tie-dye wherever I go, but this two-toned, black and pink version makes doing so seem a little more realistic. The sophisticated color combo coupled with the close fit has me this close to add three pair to my cart.

Um, hello, cuteness!!! This colorway reminds me of the most stunning post-golden hour sunset, and for that reason alone, I would like a pair for every day of the week.

Yet another jogger with a fit and pattern that's easy to wear and pair. Throw on a black sports bra and sneakers to run some errands, and then, throw on a blazer and slide-on loafers for wherever the day brings you next.