A young woman poses in a tie-dye tank top against a bright blue sky.
These DIY Tie-Dye TikTok Videos Will Make Your Afternoon Colorful AF


When you open up your closet, there's a serious lack of tie-dye. You may have a few shirts leftover from your summer camp days, and times when you participated in intramural sports in college. But, compared to stores and brands that you love and are promoting their colorful collections all over social media, your closet may be looking pretty bleak. It could use a super trendy upgrade, courtesy of DIY tie-dye TikTok videos.

Your afternoon is about to take a rainbow-esque turn from the moment you hit "play" on these tutorials. They'll help you through the various steps you need to take in order to create a swirl on your blank crewneck or an old shirt you want to eventually tuck into an embroidered pair of high-waisted jeans. The only thing you'll have to be in charge of is what color dye you want to use, and where you'll tie-dye your clothes — whether it be in your backyard or a driveway.

By the time you're done and if you followed all of the steps correctly, the hangers in your closet will have been totally refreshed. You'll have a few new pieces to wear when you're hanging at home, or taking selfies in a mirror for Instagram. Sweet! That's the goal, right? These eight DIY tie-dye TikTok videos will help get you there.

This Video Is For Besties Who Want To Match

First up, follow along with this video if you want to make a tie-dye set that matches your BFFs. Simply have one friend pick a color like pink, and the other pick one like blue, then get your ~artsy~ vibes on. Put on gloves, sprinkle dye on your bunched-up clothes, and wait for the results.

This Video Is Made For The Neutral-Loving Queens

If you're the queen of basics and buying clothes that are easy to mix and match, then you'll want to check out this DIY tie-dye video. This user coaches you through the easy process, showing you how to bunch your items with elastic bands and rinse them after they sit for a while. The final result is a super cute set that can be paired with any jacket or hoodie.

This Video Is All About The Scrunch Method

Those who want to spend the entire afternoon perfecting their tie-dye skills should watch this video on TikTok. It's all about a scrunch method that makes your final product looking like an item Billie Eilish might approve of. Watch it a couple times so you can get the technique down before pulling out your own items to dye.

This Video Shows You How To Tie-Dye In Two Ways

Did you know there are multiple ways to tie-dye? It's true. You can use bleach to tie-dye clothes that are darker, and dye for a #look that's white or grey. This video will teach you quickly, so you can get to creating in your backyard or driveway. Just put on a pair of gloves before you get started, OK?

This Video Creates A Cute And Comfy Sweatsuit

When you're hanging out at home, you probably don't want to put on a pair of jeans or a fancy blouse. That's where this video comes in. It creates a cute and comfy sweatsuit that isn't too colorful and bright. Any pastel lovers out there will want to try to make a similar one at home.

6.This Video Upgrades A Pack Of White Socks

Sweatshirts, T-shirts, and sets you can work out in aren't the only things you can tie-dye. This video proves that by turning one pack of white socks into a technicolor dream. Use it as a source of inspiration when you're bored this weekend or want to change up your closet a little bit. Give your feet a reason to dance with these spectacular socks.

This Video Uses Food Coloring To Dye A Shirt

You may not have all the supplies in your house to tie-dye a shirt. But, you may have food coloring from all of your baking adventures. Take some tips from this video. Create a piece that's as vibrant as the pool floats or bowls of fresh fruit in the summertime.

This Video Teaches You All The Major Techniques

Last but not least, if you're planning on spending multiple days with your bottles of dye, then watch this video that teaches the major tie-dye techniques. The swirl? Check. The bullseye? Also, check. You won't ever be bored with your results or the trendy pieces in your closet that you created all on your own.