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12 Creative Pics To Take At Home When You Really Need Some New #Content

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Believe it or not, you don't need to travel to get stunning content for the 'Gram. Sure, a dreamy hotel might have a rooftop pool you can snap pics in, or a sparkling restaurant that's begging for you to take selfies. But, in your own space, you may have backdrops that are "worthy," too. You just have to find some creative pictures to take at home that really make the most of your lighting situation, homemade meals, and colorful walls.

To find these creative pictures, start by heading to your fave influencers' feeds. It might seem like they're constantly posing outside of airports or amongst the tropical trees in Bali, Mexico, or the Maldives. If you take a closer look, though, you'll notice they've posted photos from their cozy home, too. Some might be of the açaí bowl they made for breakfast or a pet of theirs who was hanging out in their bedroom. Others may capture their outfit details, or a lazy afternoon when they were trying a new face mask.

Let those photos serve as your inspiration. Pull out your own face masks and circle mirrors to create pictures that show your lifestyle at its best. Break out the packs of glitter and presets you love to really spice things up a bit. Here are 12 photo shoot ideas to get you started — and on your way to fresh #content.

The "We Love Good Lighting" Picture
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The first of these photo shoots makes the most of the natural light in your home, and your roommates who also need some new #content. It simply requires sitting in front of a window on a particularly sunny day and smiling for a camera put on a self-timer setting. Wear a cute outfit for this shoot, OK?

The "Stealing A Pizza Your Heart" Picture

Your followers either love seeing pictures of the pizza you just ordered, or they're wrong. That's the name of the game when it comes to having photo shoots at home or sharing content in general. The next time you order takeout, make it a mission to snap some pics before snagging your first bite. The results will be tasty AF.

The "Take A Look At My #Look" Picture
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In case you didn't already know, your followers adore seeing a few pics of your outfits. It inspires them to put together similar #looks with the pieces in their closet. Take a closeup of your tie-dye sweatshirt or lacey blouse and post it on the 'Gram, if you're hanging at home.

The "Just Made An Amazing Breakfast" Picture

Food-related content should always do well on your Instagram feed, especially if you stage it right. If you use an adorable mug you love — filled to the brim with steaming coffee and next to a plate of fresh fruit — someone is bound to comment, "Yummy!" Just take the time to set the scene up before snapping any pic.

The "Getting Artsy In My Bathroom" Picture
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Mirror selfies will never go out of style, and if you have a digital or film camera you can really spice them up for the 'Gram. Just pull out your lens, focus your frame, and snap some pics while you're getting ready in the morning. The results will be so raw and real, and worthy of a black and white filter.

The "Messing Around With A Mirror" Picture
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If you're an avid user of social media, then you may have seen one trend really popping up all over your feed: messing around with a circular mirror for photo shoots. Every influencer seems to have tried out this trend, using the reflection to create some serious art. Try it out for yourself when you have the time to work through angles and lighting in your bedroom.

The "Explore Your Backyard" Picture

Head outside if you're looking for some fresh #content for the 'Gram. Odds are, you backyard is filled with hidden gems for a photo shoot that'll unleash your artsy side and creative flow. If you pose next to some tall and tropical-looking trees, you may find they perfectly complement the pics from your trips. Who would've thought, huh?

The "Just Did A Workout, How About You?" Picture
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Working out at home can be incredibly rewarding, and a good source of new #content. After you've done your yoga routine or tried out one of the best workout apps, be sure to pull out your camera and document your post-exercise high. Capture your fruit smoothie, and share your recipe so your followers can try making it at home.

The "All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go" Picture

Are you all dressed up, but have no where to go? Ugh! That's relatable, and worth having a photo shoot for. After all, you don't want a good outfit to go to waste. Take a few pictures while your makeup and hair are all done, and tag the brands you're wearing before hitting the "share" button.

The "MTV, Welcome To My Crib" Picture
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If you feel comfortable with showing off your home on social media, then absolutely do so. Give your followers a glimpse of your kitchen where you brew hot tea with your SO, or your office space that you've totally re-decorated.

The "Here's A Picture Of My Pet" Picture
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Do you have a cuddly cat or a fluffy pup? By all means, do the world a favor and show them off on the 'Gram. This is the kind of content the planet needs at all times, especially if your pet is doing something undeniably cute. Snuggles, boops, and all the "good boys," required.

The "Wanna Come Chill By The Pool?" Picture

Having a pool can take your at-home photo shoots to the next level. The teal water, lounge chairs, and bright towels can make it look like you're on vacation. Make the most of this part of your space if you can, and show of the bathing suits you want to wear this summer. Get creative with the way you pose, too.

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