The Tie Dye Trend Is Back & Better Than Ever, & Here Are 15 Fashion Items To Get You In On It

by Stephanie Montes
Yuchen Liao/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Is it just me or was tie dye a dead and forgotten trend for so long? I've really only seen it at music festivals (but TBH, those trends are over as quick as your wristbandt is removed), old photos of my parents, and at '70s-themed parties. I actually wouldn't even know how to wear the tie dye trend without looking like I'm wearing a costume. But it seems that, recently, the style that has historically been associated with hippies and flower children is making a strong comeback, and there's not a single Woodstock-esque, rainbow-colored swirl design in sight.

Tie dye first emerged as a fashion staple this season on designer runways across the board. And you know what that means: These styles have already trickled on down from the runways to stores even I can afford. And now that that's happened, the trend has evolved into a version of itself that's better than ever. Neon color palettes have been replaced with more sophisticated color combinations and tie dye prints and shapes are far more varied and unexpected. What's more, you can find them splattered across more fashion-forward silhouettes, like work-friendly dresses, designer bags, and go-to jean styles.

Here are the fashion-forward tie dye picks you'll want to add to your cart ASAP.

Don't believe the tie dye trend is versatile? Think again. You can have your tie dye T-shirts, but with more sophisticated silhouettes like this dress, you can rock the trend from beach days to the boardroom.

This sweatshirt is like the cooler, more grown-up version of the '70s tie dye T-shirt your parents loved.

Tell me this easy, breezy dress with a neutral tie dye pattern doesn't make the trend seem a whole lot easier to wear.

The longer sleeves of this dark green tie dye pick make it the perfect option for in-between weather.

Did I just find my new go-to outfit? I'm loving the idea of pairing a tie dye top in a moody color palette with my favorite pair of jeans.

Speaking of jeans, this patchy, acid wash tie dye pair is perfectly aligned with the new (old) trend, but feels modern and cool at the same time.

For the days of lounging on the couch and running errands when you need a comfy outfit option, I present to you this adorable matching tie dye set.

Look, even scrunchies got the tie dye memo. If you're looking for a way to ease into this trend without going all out, this is it right here.

The soft pink color palette and silky fabric of this dress actually feel super sophisticated and expensive. Dare I suggest this as a wedding outfit idea? I do!

I'm a sucker for a baby backpack, and this pink tie dye version is driving me to shop.

I can't think of a more appropriate time to rock a rainbow pastel tie dye print than while lying on a beach. Can you?

Don't worry, if you're still into old-school tie dye pics, the classic tie-dye tee hasn't lost its cool factor.

With shoes like these, you can add a pop of tie dye to your look or you can literally rock the trend from head to toe.

The bright, poppy color, the flowy silhouette, and the pom poms on the neckline of this dress all have me wanting to book a vacation stat.

Pair a colorful bucket hat with a simple tee and jeans, and I swear you'll want to keep this outfit on repeat all year long.