A young woman is dressed up for her at-home prom celebration with her family.
These #PromDIY Videos On TikTok Are Inspo For Your At-Home Celebration

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The coronavirus pandemic has many people celebrating major events at home, including prom. Since social distancing came into effect, and any large gatherings of people were quickly postponed or cancelled, many high schoolers across the country have decided to make the most of the unprecedented situation and celebrate in a unique way. The result? #PromDIY videos on TikTok that are total inspo for an at-home celebration of your own.

The moment you hit "play" on one of these videos, you'll want to pull out your half-altered prom dress, your makeup palette, or a pack of balloons and turn your house into a #lit venue. You may even want to make "save the date" cards with a program on your iPad or laptop so your family can be a part of your big night, too, virtually. In the true spirit of prom, you should for sure fashion a backdrop in your house where you can take selfies with a ton of twinkly lights, or grab flowers from your garden for a corsage.

If you really want to take your at-home celebration to the next level, you may want to whip out a sewing machine or gourmet recipe book as well. All the inspo lies in these 10 #PromDIY videos, and many more, on one of your fave apps.

This Video Helps You Do Your Own Nails

First things first: watch this video and do your own prom nails a few days before your at-home prom. It'll coach you through a relaxing and easy manicure that'll glow beside your #look. The best part? It only requires a pack of press-on nails, some nail glue, and a nail file.

This Video Gives You Inspo For Family Invitations

Whether you're the one missing out on your prom, or one of your siblings is, one thing is clear: You should get your whole family involved. Invite them to a night they'll never forget, with an incredible dancing playlist and yummy food. Do so by crafting cute invites and posting them around your house like this TikTok user did.

This Video Is All About Crafting A Prom Dress

Put your artsy talents to the test after watching this video where a TikTok user crafts a prom dress. The result is a dress that could easily be found on the Fashion Week runways. Now it's your turn to give this DIY project a try, OK?

This Video Makes You Want To Dance In Your Living Room

If you're thinking, "What would it be like to get dressed up and go to prom in my living room," this video on TikTok gives you a sneak peek. It shows an entire family getting ready for their at-home prom and dancing together for one fun night. It'll make you want to do the same ASAP.

This Video Encourages You To Make The Most Of FaceTime

Making the most of your technology is key during quarantine, and when planning your at-home prom. This video shows you just how amazing your night can still be if you choose to go this route. Simply get all dressed up with your love, date, or bestie, put together a funky or romantic playlist, and pose in front of the video camera.

This Video Is For Asking Your Crush To TikTok Prom

Have you heard? TikTok is hosting a prom for everyone who's missing out on the event right now due to the coronavirus. It's set for Saturday, Apr. 25, 2020, and, according to AdWeek, will be part of an entire week-long event surrounding prom on the app. Diplo is going to be the DJ, and this video will help you create the perfect prom-posal for your crush at home.

This Video Will Turn You Into The Prom Queen

Your dream of being prom queen can still come true — and that's exactly what this sweet TikTok video shows. Although this TikTok user may not have been totally surprised to be awarded the crown, it looks like the night was still beyond epic, complete with a tasty meal and dancing.

This Video Teaches You How To Bedazzle Your Shoes

Having a pair of sparkly shoes is almost a must for prom, right? This video teaches you exactly how to bedazzle your go-to pair of sneakers, including new laces that look so event-ready. Grab a pair of shoes to wear with your dress at home, and then take an afternoon to complete this DIY project.

This Video Takes Prom At-Home To The Next Level

If you're totally bummed about missing out on your prom, then take some notes from this video. Get dressed up in your dress, put some makeup on, and take pictures in your backyard. Treat yourself to a fancy, candlelit dinner in the comfort of your cozy home.

This Video Will Let You Conquer A Corsage Craft

Last but not least, this video helps you make your own corsage and conquer the most complex part of your prom #look. Your plan may have been to leave this piece up to the experts. But, if you have some ribbon and elastic, you can create a chic one at home. Just use this TikTok video for some guidance.

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