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Cook These 14 Things On IG Live With Your Partner & Take Whisks Together
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Going "live" on Instagram with your partner is quickly becoming your jam. It doesn't matter if you're answering questions sent in by your followers or playing fun games. You love everything about this feature and getting to stream your adventures in real time. Your next adventure? Looking up a few things to cook on Instagram Live with your partner, and then taking whisks in your adorable kitchen.

Pardon the puns, but you've always been the one in your relationship to mix it up. Planning spontaneous dates, getting your love surprises at the grocery store, and making your lives feel like a romantic comedy is your specialty. This weekend, or whenever you have a spare afternoon, you'll adore pulling out your pot and pans, and conquering a recipe with your SO. Everything is simply butter with them by your side, and you'll likely land a chef's kiss by the time the oven's timer goes off.

Of course, your followers will happily tune into your Instagram Live, too, because it'll feel like the clips they already watch on social media or Food Network. They'll cake it easy on the other side of the screen while you're putting together smoothie bowls or prepping sweet potato fries. Do you need a recipe or two to get started? Look no further than these 14 you'll love pho real, and that'll encourage you and your partner to take whisks in the kitchen.

Smoothie Bowls
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Grab the freshest fruit in your kitchen, a bag of granola, and a bottle of Vita Coco's Pressed Coconut water. Then, watch a quick tutorial on how to put together a colorful smoothie bowl. Bring your followers through blending certain ingredients and laying others out in an Instagram-worthy way.

Avocado Toast

Take a recipe out of the millennial cookbook and prepare a few slices of avocado toast on Instagram Live with your partner. In the true spirit of breakfast, get your bread nice and crispy, and pull spices out of your cabinet like red pepper flakes or Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel sesame seasoning blend. Rate your final meal on a scale of one through 10.

Crispy Hash Browns

Are you and your partner a big fan of breakfast food? If so, you need to whip up crispy hash browns to go along with your eggs and bacon in the morning. You'll need a grater, along with chili powder and other spices that get mixed into the potato strings. Not to sound cheesy, but the end result will be really grate.

Eggplant Parmesan

Whether you're going "live" at lunch or dinner time, you should try making eggplant parmesan. This meal may take a few extra steps in the kitchen. But you and your partner will love looking at the slices of eggplant bake in the oven. (Not to mention, you already know how to put together some spaghetti with tomato sauce.)

Homemade Mac And Cheese
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Is there anything better than homemade mac and cheese? It's definitely steep competition for a classic grilled cheese or rich pasta dish. Teach yourselves how to whisk together butter and milk (among other ingredients) to make the creamy sauce, and have your followers comment on the bubbliness of your dish at the end.

Vegan Buffalo Wings

Put the bottle of buffalo sauce in your fridge to use and make vegan buffalo wings with your partner while on Instagram Live. If you're vegan, maybe talk about what other meals you like to make to inspire others to expand their recipe books. Just don't forget to show off your dipping sauces before you dig in, too!

Kielbasa And Vegetable Foil Packs

Kielbasa and vegetable foil packs are actually really easy to put together. If you and your SO are looking for a little whisk to take in the kitchen, don't sleep on this recipe. Simply pull out a cutting board and prep your chosen vegetables. Wrap them up in foil and answer questions from your BFFs while you wait for them to bake.

Turkey Burgers With Avocado

Don't flip out if you don't know what to make while you're on Instagram Live. Turkey burgers with avocado slices on top are a real thing, and will be a tasty addition to your day. Also, you can pair them with your favorite chips or a batch of tator tots.

Shrimp And Quinoa Bowls
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An easy and healthy meal you can always make is shrimp and quinoa bowls. To make these bowls, just defrost some frozen shrimp, rinse and slice up some vegetables like asparagus or spinach, and sauté everything with olive oil and garlic. Put it over quinoa for a wholesome meal you'll want to make again.

Pad Thai

Having a romantic date night over Instagram Live? Well, then it's only right that you make some pad thai. You can easily do this by purchasing Simply Organic's Pad Thai Simmer Sauce, and adding it to a pan filled with rice noodles, carrots, bean sprouts, cabbage, and sunflower oil. Be sure to take a picture to document your successful kitchen adventure.

Sweet Potato Fries

Step aside, tator tots and waffle fries. Sweet potato fries is where it's at, and you can make them with your SO while on Instagram Live this weekend. Be prepared: Slicing up a sweet potato isn't always easy. However, it's totally #worth it.

California Rolls

Bring one of your favorite lunches to life in your kitchen with your partner. Pull out your imitation crab sticks, avocado, and ginger and follow along with the steps to make a California roll. Laugh and make new memories while you do it.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
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You can never go wrong with baking homemade chocolate chip cookies. This dessert is iconic and will make your kitchen smell like a million bucks. Track down the recipe on the back of the NESTLÉ TOLLHOUSE bag. It's tried and true.

Peanut Butter Stuffed Brownies

Did someone say peanut butter stuffed brownies? Oh, yes. This dessert exists and it's so worthy of making on Instagram Live. Try it out with your partner and then host a "taste test." This recipe will be a whisk worth taking.

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