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Play These 12 Games On Instagram Live With Your Partner For Laughs & Mems

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It's time for you to spice up your Instagram content and try out features like Instagram Live. Everybody seems to be going "live" these days, and you want to join the bandwagon. Jump right in with the memorable and hilarious games to play on Instagram Live with your partner. They'll break the ice and make you feel like a social media star.

That's because these games are fun to play, and even more fun to watch. Especially if you make it a regular thing, your followers will adore tuning in to you and bae competing against each other or the clock. You'll look at the comments section and see your BFFs cheering you on with emojis and supportive messages. They may even text you afterwards and ask if they can go "live" with you tomorrow, and face you in cup stacking, pop culture trivia, and more. (Um, of course! The more the merrier.)

These games will catch on, and fast, and entertain your followers while they're chilling at home. Do everyone a favor and go "live" with your SO as soon as possible, and play these 12 games. Start your session off with a catchy phrase like, "Let the laughs and mems commence."

Name That Meme
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First up, play "Name That Meme" with your partner for all of the laughs and new mems. Start by printing out your favorite memes. (Or if you own a What Do You Meme game, you can pull the cards from there!) Then, have your SO hold the meme up to their forehead. Give them captions as clues and see if they can guess which one it is.

Pop Culture Trivia

Do you and your SO regularly talk about what's going on with the Kardashians or the latest album from All Time Low? If so, face off in "Pop Culture Trivia" on Instagram Live. Set a timer to one minute, and see how many questions your partner can answer in that time. Let them phone friends in the comments to earn back points.

An Apartment Obstacle Course

If you're hanging out in your apartment and feeling bored, why not build an obstacle course? You can pretend the floor is lava, or have your partner race against the clock as they run into the kitchen and prepare a snack or complete chores. The best part is you can play "An Apartment Obstacle Course" on Instagram Live.

A Cup Stacking Competition

Cup stacking isn't as easy as it looks. It requires you and your SO to stack a select number of cups in to a sturdy tower, and then take them all down and neatly put them in a stack again. Try it out on Instagram Live and see if your followers can beat your record times.

'Mario Kart™ 8 Deluxe' For Nintendo Switch
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Have you and your partner been playing on your Nintendo Switch a lot lately? If so, turn on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Race each other while on Instagram Live, and have your followers guess who will win on certain tracks. Give a sweet shoutout to followers who guess right.

'Heads Up!' From Ellen DeGeneres

The Heads Up! game from Ellen DeGeneres requires having the app on your phone. Then, you and your SO take turns placing the cards or phone screen on your forehead and guessing the items that come up in your chosen category. How many animals can you name? Let's find out!

A Grilled Cheese-Off

Around lunch time, plan on going on Instagram Live with your SO and having a grilled cheese-off. You've heard of cook-offs and bake-offs, but this will be the tastiest competition you've ever seen (or posted) on social media. Rate each other's final product based on crispiness, cheesiness, and presentation.

Make Me LOL

Take a note from the Impractical Jokers handbook and play "Make Me LOL" with your SO. In this game, your goal is to make your partner laugh. Maybe you make a weird face at them, or tell them an inside joke. That's up to you. But, the sooner they crack a smile, the more points you score.

Welcome To My Interview
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"Welcome to My Interview" is more than your average Q&A. It requires your followers to send in questions, and your partner to spill the piping hot tea. Your partner can choose to veto up to three questions before you two switch roles. A monologue? Not required, but clever to include.

Truth Or Dare

You can never go wrong with "Truth or Dare." This game is a classic, and will bring the summer camp vibes straight to your Instagram feed. Go "live" and then take turns with your partner picking a truth or a dare. The more creative you can get, the better.


Grab a white board or notebook and a bunch of markers and play "Pictionary" with your SO on Instagram Live. Have them pick and category, and guess what you're drawing within one minute. If they guess right, toss a piece of candy their way. If your followers guess right, toss them a fun emoji or "follow."

You're A Real Catch
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Last but not least, bring your pup or adorable pet into your Instagram Live session for instant laughs and mems. Stream you all playing "You're a Real Catch," aka fetch. Take the game into your backyard, kitchen, or bedroom. And see how many "catches" your pet can make before it's time for treats.

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