10 Board & Card Games To Play With Your Roomies When You're Bored AF

Right now, you and your roommates may be sitting on the couch and talking about how you're so bored. The games on your phones might have been played too much, or you might have run out of episodes of your fave sitcom. How about you do something old-school and whip out the very best board and card games to play with your roommates? Their complex rules or whimsical pieces have the ability to entertain you for hours — especially if you prep some snacks in advance.

Some of these games require you to roll a pair of dice, and others bring your favorite memes to life. They may challenge you to think outside of the box, or simply crack your bestie's code. When you're dishing out the fake money or setting up your space to play, you may be hit with a wave of nostalgia and remember the nights when you played Yahtzee with your mom in high school. Or spent hours tackling the classics like Monopoly, Sorry!, and Mouse Trap with your younger siblings.

That's truly the hidden beauty behind board and card games. They remind you of a simpler time, and totally immerse you in the world of a hungry hippo or Jenga block. Here are the 10 games you should play with your roommates when you're chilling at home. See you never, boredom.

That's So 90s Trivia Game

If you and your roommates were born in the '90s, then you need to try out this game. It tests your in-depth knowledge of fashion, sports, television shows, and more from the decade. Long story short: The many Friends and Seinfeld re-runs you've watched won't go to waste.

Jumanji The Game

Escape into a bunch of unexpected twists and turns with this game. Jumanji The Game brings you through the scenes from one of your favorite movies, and tests you in them. However, be warned: If real life is anything like the movie, then opening this game will come with some serious side effects. (OK, not really. Play away!)

What Do You Meme

Your favorite memes come to life in the What Do You Meme Game. From the alien that's all dressed up but still chilling in bed, to the cats you laughed at over and over again, this game reminds you of the Internet fads you forgot about and turns them into real-life fun. Gather up your roommates, and get some snacks before you play. Oh, and be prepared to LOL.


Have you ever tried your hand at Yahtzee? If not, this is your time to shine. This game is pretty simple: You roll a set of dice and use the numbers to rack up points in various categories. If the dice all show the same number after rollling, everyone in the room is obligated to yell, "Yahtzee!"


Did you leave your dirty dishes in the sink again? Did you make a mess in the living room and then never clean it up? Tell your roommates you're sorry with a friendly round of Sorry! In this game, all bets are off as you knock each other's pieces back to start in attempt to take home the win. Remember to be a good sport, OK?

Monopoly Game: Disney 'Frozen 2' Edition

If you didn't already know, there are hundreds of versions of Monopoly. You and your BFFs will want to try the Frozen 2 edition because it's adorable and oh-so sweet. Play it with the soundtrack loud and clear in the background.


Relive some of the best moments from your childhood with a round or two of Candyland. Odds are, it won't take long after seeing the Candy Cane Forest and lollipop-filled cards for you to get all the heart eyes. This game typically goes by quick, too, so you and your roommates can play over and over again.

'The Office' Downsizing Board Game

Dear, fans of The Office. This board game is for you. It'll make you feel like you're hanging out at Dunder Mifflin for the day and interacting with paper suppliers and trouble-loving co-workers. Give yourself a Dundie at the end if you dodge the rumor that they're going to downsize and close the branch.

Bob Ross: Happy Little Accidents Board Game

Did you know that Bob Ross inspired a board game? It's called Bob Ross: Happy Little Accidents and you need to play it with your roommates ASAP. Use your colorful pen to draw cute pictures, and don't let anyone judge your artistic ability. That's not the Bob Ross way, right?


Last but not least, give your brain a workout while you're at home and play Cranium with your roommates. Jump between different categories and see if you can conquer the mini games within this game. This is time for your talents to really grow and glow.