A young couple does yoga in their apartment on a bright blue mat.
8 Couples Yoga Tutorials That'll Have You Saying "Namaste" With Bae

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Getting the motivation to work out can be tough when you're chilling at home. Your couch and TV are right there and tempting you to declare today a "rest day." But, after you and your partner put on your fave workout clothes and do some couples yoga YouTube tutorials, you'll be so glad you didn't take the day off. These videos will leave you feeling so connected and in sync, and give you a solid reason to make a yummy smoothie together, too.

Whether you two are new to the yoga game, or have been practicing the various poses and flows since you started dating, these tutorials are nice and easy to follow along with. Some will challenge you to conquer a few chosen moves, along with influencers and vloggers, and others are more focused on doing stretches slowly and thoughtfully. All will require your partner to work with you and vice versa, in order to get a good workout in and accomplish the video's major goals.

If you walk away from the mat feeling refreshed or straight-up laughing with your SO, then it's safe to say you've done the tutorial right. Let's go ahead and get into these eight tutorials, shall we?

This Video That Guides You Through A Flow

The first of these videos is instructional to its core. A couple sits on a mat in their home and guides you through a roughly 17-minute long practice. It's bound to make you and your SO feel closer and a little more grounded. If you want a relaxing and classic tutorial, this one is for you.

This Video That Challenges You To Certain Poses

There are a lot of videos on YouTube of couples doing a yoga challenge. But, this one from Aspyn and Parker is probably the best one to follow along with with your partner. The popular influencer duo tries to recreate various photos they've found online of couples doing yoga, and work together. The results are cute, hilarious, and really rewarding.

This Video Is Perfect For Beginners

Are you new to yoga? Don't fret. There's a couples yoga video for you, too. In this video, two instructors will guide you and your SO through a flow. They'll give you time to enjoy every part of your practice. That way, you'll walk off the mat feeling like you made the most of your afternoon with bae.

This Video That Turns Your Workout Into A Date

When you're chilling at home for a while, you may want to get creative and plan a unique date with your SO. How about you roll out a yoga mat in your backyard and plan to conquer the moves in this couples yoga tutorial? It's funny, relatable, and will leave you two will all kinds of new mems. (Oh, and it's a stellar way to get outdoors.)

This Video Is Made For True Yoga Lovers

If you and your bae are ready for something more advanced, check out this tutorial that takes acro yoga to the dreamiest level. In about three minutes, it shows you an entire flow you can do with your SO in your spare time. Watch it a few times to memorize the steps, and then take your time as you two guide yourselves through each pose.

This Video Is Super Sweet And Simple

Workouts can really make you and your partner feel good. If you choose to follow along with this practice, then you'll both definitely feel more calm and zen. It ends with a massage and chill meditation session. You'll want to do it over and over and over again.

This Video Is Bound To Make You Laugh

No matter what you and your SO are doing, you're having the best time. Even little things like sitting on the couch become fun, hilarious, and worthy of capturing on film. For that exact reason, you'll want to try out this couples yoga tutorial that's bound to make you giggle at least once or twice. It's not the most serious one out there, but it'll treat you both to a solid afternoon.

This Video Is All About Stretching And Toning

Last but not least, try out this couples yoga tutorial if you're looking to increase the flexibility of your muscles, or simply stretch it out with bae. It guides you through rewarding and yoga-inspired moves to do that'll help you reach your fitness goals.