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12 Backyard Dates To Plan Under The Stars That Are Totally Dreamy

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Right in your own backyard is the most underrated spot of your home, and if you lay out a picnic blanket with your partner, you'll instantly understand why. There's nothing quite as cozy and romantic as these backyard date ideas under the stars or spending quality time with your love.

You don't even have to be an "outdoorsy" couple to adore the bliss of the constellations lighting up the night sky and the wonderful smell of a fire burning in a nearby pit. When you stick a marshmallow on a metal stick and begin to roast it to your liking, you'll be whisked off your feet and in total awe of the space and person you get to call yours. Honestly, you'll likely feel like you're in a movie as you jump into the pool and kiss your SO while floating in the deep end, or while you play corn hole and let your competitive sides shine.

By the end of your date night, you'll be saying to your love, "Let's do this again." Good news: There's still plenty of time to recreate these backyard date ideas and have a romantic night under the stars. Start at the top of the list and work your way down.

Fire Up The Grill And Break Out A Summer Cookbook
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First things first: Make use of the vegan cookbooks you bought earlier this year, and the grill you've been meaning to fire up on your backyard date night. When the sun is about to set, grab a few plates from your kitchen, some portobello mushrooms and tasty herbs, and whip up a delicious meal with your partner. You'll likely want to make this into a weekly tradition and complete it with a glass of wine.

Download A Stargazing App And Seek Out The Constellations

A backyard date night under the stars should include, well, the stars. So lay out your favorite blanket or set up a tent that you can peek your heads out of, and point out the constellations in the sky. If you can't name or find them all, don't fret. Grab your phone and download a stargazing app like SkyView Lite. It tells you where the constellations are by coaching you to hold your phone up to the sky.

Turn Your Patio Into A Tropical Destination With Drinks

Are you and your significant other really missing The Bachelor franchise? If so, channel the vibes of Bachelor in Paradise, purchase a bunch of tiki torches, and turn your patio into the tropical destination of your dreams. Set up a bar space where you can put together some mocktails, and cover your deck with twinkly lights. It will be romantic AF.

Fill Your Kiddie Pool With Bubbles And Rose Petals

If you've been lucky enough to get your hands on a kiddie pool in the past few months, such as the funky ones from FUNBOY, then you're in for a sweet and spa-like backyard date night. To start, fill your kiddie pool up with water and your go-to bubble bath. Toss some rose petals in, too (I mean, why not?), put on bathing suits, and enjoy a relaxing soak with your SO.

Play A Late-Night Game Of Pickleball Or Badminton
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Getting sweaty on date night shouldn't be out of the question, especially in the summertime. This is the time to play backyard games like pickleball or badminton, even if the clock is showing it's close to midnight. Set up a net with your SO, and make new mems under a sea of sparkly stars.

Dress Up In A Summery Look And Dance The Night Away

It's OK to get dressed up even if you have nowhere to go. TBH, you and your SO should put on your most summery looks and dance in the backyard. Just be sure to make a playlist of jams beforehand — including hits from Quinn XCII, Kehlani, Thomas Rhett, and the new album folklore from Taylor Swift. Light some candles, too.

Set Up A Movie Theater And Watch A Rom-Com

Nowadays, you can recreate your favorite movie theater right at home and watch the rom-coms you love with your partner by your side. To do so, you simply need to set up a white sheet, purchase a tiny movie projector, and grab a couple bags of the slightly-buttered SkinnyPop Popcorn. (If you want to take your date night to the next level, you can grab some gummy worms, too.)

Enjoy Homemade Milkshakes And Rounds Of Cornhole

Is there anything better than cold milkshakes during the humid days of summer? TBH, the only thing that can beat the blended ice cream and dollop of whipped cream is a date night with the love of your life. This idea combines those tasty drinks with the backyard game you adore: cornhole. Make fries and homemade cotton candy, and play a few rounds of ring toss to have a little carnival of your own.

Order Takeout And Take Pictures On A Disposable Camera
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The local restaurants in your area are likely more than ready to help you out with food for your date night. And if you and your SO have been talking about ordering pizza or ramen, center an entire date night under the stars around this to-go cuisine. Get your "usual" and eat it while chatting and taking pictures on an old school disposable camera. That way, you can look back on a yummy date night together.

Have A Lantern Send-Off And Dream About Your Future

Lantern send-offs are usually something you see on Instagram at music festivals, or at the end of a wedding when the couple's leaving for the night. But, it can also be a unique date night for you and your SO under the stars. Before lighting your lantern and sending it off into the night sky along with your hopes for the future, just be sure to check your local laws and ordinances for any rules regarding lantern send-offs.

Paint Pots For Your Plants Or On A Canvas

You don't need all the art supplies in the world to have a crafty date night with your SO. You just need some colorful paints, a pack of brushes, an easel or two, and something to paint. If you are both avid gardeners, then you may want to paint some pots for your new plants, and if you are both avid travelers, you may want to paint a destination you've visited together on a canvas. Let your creativity run wild with this one.

Drink Coffee And Wait For The Sun To Rise
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Last but not least, you can catch the stars in the earliest hours of the morning with your love and have a date night turn into a date day. Together, plan to wake up around 4 a.m. and hang out with your cups of coffee until the sun rises. Dream, kiss, or laugh while you wait — or, you know, plan another dreamy date night.