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15 Super Creative Ways To Celebrate Your Engagement At Home With Your SO

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Your partner listened to Beyoncé's advice and put a ring on it. They got down on one knee and asked you to marry them, and you replied with a sweet and easy, "Yes!" Right after, you may have opened a bottle of your favorite champagne, made a post on Instagram, or kissed a million times. Getting engaged is a big deal and it's so worth finding creative ways to celebrate your engagement at home before you dig into your wedding plans.

Odds are, you've been dreaming about this moment since you watched a romantic comedy for the first time and laughed with your SO over pizza on your first date. Soaking up the bliss and taking time to remember how you feel each and every second is essential. (It's like when Leslie and Ben get engaged in Parks and Recreation and she quickly asked him to pause so she could notice every detail. You know?) Soon enough, you're going to be looking at beautiful venues near the water, picking out flowers for your bouquet, and following up your "yes" with an, "I do."

Don't skip any steps along the way. Make a point to celebrate your engagement in your backyard with a picnic, or in your living room with your BFFs over FaceTime. These creative ideas will get you two started.

Have A Backyard Engagement Photo Shoot
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Documenting your engagement is a sweet way to celebrate the milestone with your love, and gives you the ability to look back on it for years to come. Although you may already have tons of cute pics in your camera roll with your SO, a photo shoot gives you intimate and thought-out selfies to put in a frame or share with family.

To have a backyard photo shoot, simply set up a white sheet on a backdrop stand and put your camera on self-timer mode. If you'd like, hold a bouquet or dress up to take these pics to the next level.

Put Together A Video Of Telling Your Friends And Family

When you tell your friends and family members that you and your partner are engaged, they're likely going to squeal with excitement. Their reactions will be priceless, and something you want to capture on camera. Once you have your video clips, compile them into a larger video that you and your SO can watch over and over again.

Host An Outdoor Picnic Over FaceTime Or Zoom

Picnics can be adorable and celebratory if you set them up the right way. To make this activity engagement-worthy, be sure to grab a couple of bottles of champagne or wine, create a platter of fresh fruit and cheese, and lay out a nice blanket in the cozy section of your backyard. Then, call up your friends and family on FaceTime or Zoom and celebrate in their virtual company.

Bring A Tasty Brunch To Your Bed

Breakfast in bed will never go out of style. And if you and your SO are celebrating your recent engagement at home, then you'll adore this sort of "party." You'll love squeezing syrup over your pancakes and home fries while still in pajamas, and likely pinky promise each other that you'll do this more often.

Participate In An At-Home Champagne Tasting
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Celebrating a major milestone requires champagne. But, it can be difficult to pick just one when you're a loyal fan of different vineyards and brands, or simply don't know what's good. Do yourself a sweet favor and pencil an at-home champagne tasting into your planner. If you can't find a winery that's hosting one, create your own and celebrate in style.

Go For A Relaxing Dip In The Pool

Your relationship is diving into the next chapter, so why not go for a relaxing dip in your home or complex's pool? You two can soak up the sun while sipping on hard seltzer, listening to jams from the '90s, and pretending you're on a real getaway. Just be sure to bring some pool floats to this party for two, OK?

Fill Your Home With Bouquets Of Flowers

When your wedding day comes around, you and your SO will be surrounded by stunning flower arrangements. Roses will be on the side of the aisle, tulip petals will get tossed down by the flower girl, and baby's breath will be tucked into your bouquet. Channel that future moment by filling your home with flowers that you pick from your garden or purchase at a farmer's market.

Dance To "Your Song" In The Kitchen

It may sound cheesy and cliché, but sharing a dance with your SO is a great way to celebrate your engagement at home. It's simple and doesn't cost any money (which is key, because weddings can be expensive). The best part? It really allows you to pause time, enjoy each other's company, and listen to "your song" that'll absolutely make it onto your wedding playlist.

Make A Romantic And Healthy Meal
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Start this chapter of your relationship off on a tasty note and make a romantic meal with your SO. Make Antoni from Queer Eye proud by recreating some of the dishes from the show, or follow along with a recipe from one of your vegan cookbooks. Enjoy the meal on the side of lots of candles — and some spooning, if you so choose.

Create Your Own Signature Cocktails

Are you and your partner self-proclaimed foodies? If so, you'll want to spend your at-home engagement party coming up with your own signature cocktails. These can be drinks you learned to make while taking an online cocktail class, or tasty specialities you made up on the spot. Either way, they should be on the menu at your wedding.

Turn Your Space Into Your First Date

Your love story may have began at a movie theater, a pizza restaurant, or a serendipitous run-in in high school. Turn your space into that scene after getting engaged. It's likely a moment you cherish, so you'll love revisiting all of the details and seeing how far you've come since then. TBH, that's how you soak in the present and appreciate it the most.

Treat Yourselves To A Spa Day

Massages, facials, and more are in store for you and your SO if you want to treat yourselves to a spa day at home after getting engaged. The perk of this type of party? It's super intimate and shows your partner that you're ready to care for them for the rest of your life, and vice versa.

Head To Your Rooftop To Watch The Sunset
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If you and your SO live in a city, make the most of your rooftop after getting engaged. Head up the stairs and find a spot to lay out a blanket and some string lights. Then, wait for a vibrant sunset to unfold and daydream about what your future holds. (Spoiler alert: It'll make you feel like you're in a romantic comedy.)

Spend Time Next To A Bonfire

Did you get engaged in the peak of summer? Head straight for the outdoors (aka, your backyard) and spend time next to a bonfire with your bae. Snuggle up under blankets and in each other's sweatshirts, and reminisce on your inside jokes, trips, and dates. Make a wish for your future on any shooting stars that may pass by.

Paint A Piece Of Furniture Or Canvas For Your Home

Create something you can hang on the wall in your home or completely re-do a piece of furniture to match the style of your space. This type of "party" is definitely for the kind of couple who is always on-the-move and looking for a project to do together — now, and well into their happy, love-filled future.

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