A young woman sits in a beach chair at sunset and drinks a frozen margarita.
These Online Cocktail Classes Will Shake Up Your Usual Happy Hour At Home

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The moment you saw a picture of a frozen margarita on Instagram or saw Stanley Tucci mixing up a cocktail on Twitter, you made a decision: You have to take online cocktail classes when you have some free time. The way Tucci shakes up the liquor in his cocktail shaker and delicately pours it into the appropriately-shaped glass is mesmerizing. You want to be able to do the same, and show off your skills to your besties and family members during a virtual happy hour.

Where do you even begin? Are there certain skills you have to learn before you can reach Tucci-level mixology? Before even attempting to get the ice out of your freezer or name your signature drink, you may want to search for some expert advice on the Internet. You may want to tune into videos from the professionals where they combine ingredients and make the most of what's in their fridge at the moment, and listen to the "how" and the "why."

Lucky for you, there are tons of cocktail classes you can take. If you play them while sitting in your kitchen with a notebook and a cute margarita glass by your side, then you'll be so inspired to learn everything there is to know about this craft. Here are 10 online cocktail classes that'll surely shake up your usual happy hour at home.

"Bar Essentials | Basics With Babish" With Binging With Babish

First up, delve into the at-home bar essentials with Binging with Babish. This YouTuber serves up delicious tips, tricks, meals, and drinks every week on his channel — creating the tasty dishes you see in movies and menus all over the world. This video of his coaches you through the #necessary tools and ingredients every aspiring bartender needs, as well as a few recipes you may recognize, like an old fashioned.

"Intro To Mixology: Up Your Cocktail Game In 30 Minutes!" With Skillshare

If you're a newbie, learn the basics with this cocktail class from Skillshare. It's designed to help you set up a bar space at home by walking you through what tools, ingredients, and garnishes you need to make the perfect drink. When the class is finished, you're asked to concoct your own custom cocktail at home, and use your new skills to stun your classmates. What will you end up putting together?

"Cocktail Secrets: Making Your Signature Drink" With Skillshare

Designing your signature drink can be tricky, especially if you don't know much about liquor. But, this Skillshare class gives you the knowledge and inspiration you've been looking for. Turn your trip mems or cozy days at home into a delicacy, OK?

"Crafted Cocktails At Home: Holiday Edition!" With Skillshare

Whether the holidays are right around the corner when you're taking these cocktail classes or not, you'll want to tune into an amazing online class dedicated to drinks and special occasions. This class on Skillshare, in particular, teaches you how to make a cranberry on ice and spicy cider. From the moment you hit play, your mouth will be watering and ready to celebrate with a cocktail.

"10 Easy Cocktails In 10 Minutes" With Steve The Bartender

This video from Steve the Bartender will make you a master of 10 easy drinks in record time. You'll need a couple of ingredients, but after collecting the correct syrups and garnishes, you'll be able to conquer happy hour with ease.

"Lynnette Marrero & Ryan Chetiyawardana Teach Mixology" With MasterClass

If you're looking to really invest in cocktails and learn about every facet of what goes into them, then you'll want to take a MasterClass with a pair of mixology experts. This online class will delve deep into the world of bitters, party starters, and all the flavors you've come to love. Be sure to grab a notepad and pen before signing up for an annual membership and hitting "play."

"The BEST Margarita Two Ways!" With Preppy Kitchen

It doesn't have to be Taco Tuesday for you to sit on your porch and enjoy a margarita. This video will give you two recipes to follow and sip in your backyard. It's also only about seven minutes long, so it's perfect if you want a quick lesson on a cocktail before your happy hour begins.

A Bar Above's Mixology Certification Program

Becoming a certified mixologist won't just shake up your happy hour — it'll shake up your life. With each part of this sweet program from A Bar Above, you'll learn more than you've ever expected to about cocktails, bartending, and creating drinks. You'll understand what it's like to design specialty drinks for events, and participate in interactive quizzes. Don't sleep on this one.

"How To Mix Every Cocktail" With 'Epicurious'

You've heard of mojitos, whiskey sours, and tequila sunrises, right? Sweet! Then, you're prepared to watch this tutorial on how to mix every popular cocktail. Epicurious shows you the step-by-step process so you can educated your friends and host your own cooking show during your virtual happy hour. What more could you ask for?

"Complementary Color Cocktails: Photograph Glass, Liquid, And Smoke" With Skillshare

When your cocktail has been perfectly put together, you'll want to take a picture of it. That's because it's your creation and worthy of sharing on Instagram. Before pulling out your camera, tune into this class on how to take incredible pictures of drinks by surrounding them with a complimentary color or properly lighting the glass. It'll surely shake up your usual happy hour at home and your #content on the 'Gram.