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10 Online Wine Classes That'll Let You Achieve Grape-ness At Home

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When it comes to wine, you want to know everything. You want to know what cheese pairs best with a cabernet, and how your favorite riesling is made step-by-step. In the past, you may have visited a nearby winery to pick a winemaker's brain and get the details on how pick out the perfect bottle for a dinner party. Why don't you check out some online wine classes next? They'll help you achieve grape-ness in your spare time and learn about all things related to vino.

Not to mention, they don't require hopping on a plane to Napa Valley or the lovely vineyards settled into the countryside of France. Instead, they bring the rich information to wherever you are, whether that be on your couch or in your kitchen where you have easy access to a bottle opener and wine glass. They teach you how to properly sniff out the flavors and notes in a merlot or what parts of the world are known for brewing wine that complements a chicken or fish dish.

Some even come with an official certification at the end, if you pass the necessary quizzes and tests to become a wine connoisseur. So, don't pass on these 10 online wine classes. Pour yourself a glass and achieve grape-ness right at home.

"Getting Started With Wine: Buy Smarter, Taste More" With Skillshare

First up, check out a Skillshare class that'll coach you through the basics of wine. Hosted by "wine expert, entrepreneur, best-selling author, and media guru Gary Vaynerchu," this class will answer your most pressing questions and give you tips on how to find the perfect bottle at the store. Watch this clip of it, then go to the full class if your interest is sparked.

"Wine 101 - Foundation Online Course™" With Napa Valley Wine Academy

If you're looking to enroll in a full-blown course on wine, but aren't sure where to start, look no further than this class with the Napa Valley Wine Academy. It's led by Natalie Breaux who's a Certified Sommelier and Wine Educator. For $99, she'll bring you up to speed and help you understand your favorite drink at a deeper level.

"Wine Expert Guesses Cheap Vs Expensive Wine" With Epicurious

A wine expert, Belinda Chang, leads you through what to expect out of a cheap wine versus an expensive one in this YouTube video. She tastes different wines and makes suggestions on what you should look for in a sparkling, red, or white wine. Use her tips the next time you open a bottle of wine or shop for something new.

"Wine 101 With Madeline Puckette" And Wine Folly

Are you already a huge fan of watching YouTube videos in your spare time? Add this series to your queue so you can get the 411 on wine. Led by an expert over at Wine Folly, episode one in the Wine 101 series is all about opening your eyes to the drink you love. It's also the first video in an entire series you can watch right at home.

"Napa Valley Wine Expert Online Course" With Napa Valley Wine Academy

Do you consider yourself an expert on wine, or would you like to be able to? This informative online course ($299) via Napa Valley Wine Academy will land you with a certification and make you a pro on wine specific to the region of Napa Valley. If you're on the West Coast or simply love a California red, this class is for you.

"Oregon Wine Expert Online Course" With Napa Valley Wine Academy

The Pacific Northwest is home to stunning waterfalls, gorges, and mountains that you may have already explored a bit. But, it's also home to a very specific and tasty wine region. Become an expert on wine that's created in Oregon with this course. It costs $299, but covers everything you need to know and gives you a certification upon completion.

"Wine 101 With UW Professor Michael Wagner" Via University Of Washington

Dr. Michael Wagner, an assistant professor at the University of Washington, is here to help you win over your crush with this YouTube video. According to the video's intro, Wagner is not a certified wine expert, per say, but he does have an extensive knowledge of wine thanks to traveling and reading. Watch his hour-long class to learn the basics and then "wow" your potential partner during a virtual happy hour date.

"Biggest Mistakes You're Making When Drinking Wine" Via Business Insider

Becoming a pro on wine can take just five minutes thanks to this YouTube video on the mistakes you're making when you drink wine. If you thought red wine and cheese was a good pairing, watch this video and think again.

"Wine Class: Intro To Tasting - How To Taste Wine With A Master Sommelier" Via Weekly Tasting

Have you ever wondered what the proper way to taste wine is? If so, then you need to tune into this YouTube video. It'll teach you everything you need to know about your palate and a color of a wine. Plus, it's only about 14-minutes long, aka easy to fit into your afternoon schedule.

"James Suckling Teaches Wine Appreciation" Via MasterClass

MasterClass virtually brings world-renowned teachers to your living room, including James Suckling who will teach you how to appreciate wine (more than you already do.) He'll coach you to find a mixture of grapes you're truly passionate about and to use your instincts to define what it is you love about it the very most. Watch the trailer for this class on YouTube and then go to MasterClass to begin.