A young woman hangs out in a pool at a tropical resort with a drink by her side.
These Virtual Backgrounds Let You Sip In Seriously Cool Hotels & Rooftop Bars

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Whether you're having a Zoom meeting with coworkers, catching up with friends for virtual happy hour at home, or even planning a future trip with long-distance friends, you might want to spice up your backdrop. That's where HotelTonight's virtual backgrounds will come in handy.

These backgrounds are made for satisfying your wanderlust. They'll bring the most stunning hotel lobbies, rooftop pools, trendy bars, and sunsets a whole lot closer to you, without you having to leave your couch. They capture the essence of a perfectly-designed lobby and the easygoing atmosphere of a patio that's basking in the sun. When you're sitting outside with your laptop, sipping on a drink you made courtesy of a recipe on TikTok, these cool backgrounds will make you feel like you're actually traveling and seeing these sights in real life.

They may even inspire you to add some destinations to your bucket list, for when you can travel again. Do yourself a favor and sit back and enjoy these 10 virtual background from HotelTonight. Pretend you're sipping a drink in a fun restaurant or a stylish lounge chair. Let your worries float away with the ripples in the pool or the stitching in the pink pillows.

This Rooftop Pool In Los Angeles Will Light Up Your World

First things first: Head to Los Angeles, California while you're having a virtual happy hour with your best buds. Toss shades of pink, purple, and orange into your chat with this pool and bar that's totally illuminated by the sunset. Wait for your friends to say, "Oh, wow!"

This Charming Patio Is The Perfect Shade Of Pink

Are you and your best friends having happy hour while also sitting outside your respective apartments? Then, cue this virtual background of a charming hotel patio. It has pillows that are the perfect shade of pink and funky, orange chairs.

This Restaurant Bar Has Such A Cozy Atmosphere

Set the tone for your virtual happy hour with this restaurant bar that's totally cozy. The modern, yet vintage-looking, stools will start a conversation with your peers, and make them want to pour a fancy drink. Take a few screenshots to document the moment you say, "Cheers!"

This Hotel Pool Will Help You Live Your #BestLife

Put on your favorite bathing suit and sip a drink next to this pool in Scottsdale, Arizona. If you're not sitting outside with your laptop, you probably won't get a tan. But, you will feel like you're on cloud nine and living your #bestlife in paradise.

This High-End Lobby Is Asking For A Cute #Look

Spice things up for virtual happy hour by picking out a sparkly outfit from your closet, and going all out with your makeup. Make the most of this virtual background of a high-end lobby in Los Angeles, and show your best buds a new #look.

This Swanky Fireplace Will Spice Up Your Next Hangout

Cozy up by the fireplace with a drink, courtesy of this virtual background from HotelTonight. It features a swanky couch, with backings that are pretty modern in design. It'll spice up your next Zoom hang or FaceTime date.

This Cute Table Will Start Some Happy Conversations

Catching up with your best buds is done best at a cute table like this one. It's the perfect ~virtual~ location for dishing on your new crushes and what you're up to at home. It's also a sweet spot for snacking on the cookies you just made while laughing with your BFFs.

This Green Couch Will Fit All Of Your Best Friends

If you're meeting up with a whole group of your friends on Zoom or FaceTime, then look no further than this hotel's big, green couch. It'll fit all of your best friends IRL, and be a chic background for your virtual hangouts. Pretend to sit on it and cue some laughs, OK?

This Outdoor Patio Will Look Adorable In Screenshots

Whenever you and your BFFs go on FaceTime or Zoom, you always take a screenshot. After all, you want to document the memories you're making, even if they're made virtually. This outdoor patio will be a solid addition to your pics and make your background look as chic as ever.

This Dining Table Has All The Travel Vibes

Make the most of this dining table that has all the travel vibes. Imagine having a big, family-style meal with your best buds at this table located in a boutique hotel on the West Coast. Dream about the next trip you may take with your pals, or switch your background to another totally chic place, courtesy of HotelTonight.