Three best friends hang out in sweatpants on a couch and do facials, while laughing at a phone.

Use These 30 Captions For Zoom Dates With Your Day Ones

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Are you and your best friends located on different coasts? Do you often set up phone calls with each other so you can catch up or talk about the latest drama within Bachelor Nation? If so, then you probably need a few captions for Zoom with friends, as video chatting on this app has gotten more popular than ever before.

Maybe it's because you can see all of your BFFs at once through this app, and chat about what's going on with your crushes, job searches, and college classes. With just a laptop or another device that has Internet connection, you can giggle with your entire crew over the memories you made back in high school, or the tie-dye outfit you recently bought online that looks nothing like you expected it would IRL. (Don't you hate when that happens?)

In addition, you can bring your BFFs who live in Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago into your apartment and show them your entire setup. You can show them the pics you've hung up, including the candid Polaroids you've taken together. When you're unsure of what meme to send to your love interest, you can get dating advice without having to wait for a reply in the group chat, too.

It's the next best thing, next to actually hanging out with your friends in your city or apartment. Here are 32 captions for Zoom to document the good times, and being able to catch up ~virtually~ with your day ones.

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1. "Let's Zoom again later."

2. "We're going to need more than 40 minutes to talk about the latest episode of 'The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart.'"

3. "When in doubt, Zoom it out."

4. "Friends who Zoom together, stick together."

5. "Some of our most quality hangs happen on Zoom."

6. "It's almost like you're here IRL."

7. "Our Zoom dates will never get old."

8. "Can't stop, won't stop changing our Zoom backgrounds."

9. "Surprisingly, we had zero tech problems today."

10. "Showing off our friendship on Zoom."

11. "Thanks for never ignoring my Zoom requests."

12. "Greetings from Zoom!"

13. "Catch my bestie crew on Zoom."

14. "On a virtual date. Kinda nervous."

15. "Thank goodness for Zoom, huh?"

16. "Just here to say hi to your dog."

17. "Always better together."

18. "Girls just wanna have wine over Zoom."

19. "Hella heart eyes for Zoom and you."

20. "I wouldn't want to be on Zoom with anyone else."

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21. "Pass that snack through the screen, please."

22. "Did you even Zoom together if you didn't post about it?"

23. "Sorry, you had to be in our Zoom chat."

24. "Before we had to log off and tackle our to-do lists."

25. "You can't Zoom with us."

26. "True friends don't mind when you change your Zoom background a million times."

27. "Casually coming up with an itinerary for our next Zoom chat."

28. "Traveling from one couch to the other with my BFFs in tow."

29. "BRB, hanging out with my friends on Zoom."

30. "You either love virtually hanging out with your day ones, or you're wrong."