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8 Sizzlin' Birthday Pic Ideas For Summer Babes Who Are Celebrating At Home

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You're celebrating your birthday at home this summer, and so far, you've likely figured out what kind of cake you want, where you want to order a cute #look from, and who you're going to FaceTime on the day of. But in the midst of planning your day, you may have noticed you don't have any festive ideas for birthday pictures at home. You've likely wondered, "Is it even possible to take a pic as electrifying as last year when I checked out that new bar with my besties, or the year before, when I took a trip?"

That's a valid question, but it can happily be debunked with a few of the props and photo shoot-worthy items laying around your house. If you're the proud owner of a circle mirror, a giant window that lets in a massive amount of sunlight in the afternoon, or pool where you can dive into the deep end, then there are plenty of eye-catching pics you can take. If you have an oven or access to a really cute cupcake shop that'll deliver some sweet treats to your doorstep, you also have everything you need for the birthday selfies of your dreams.

You can set your phone up on a timer, or you may need to ask your roommate or SO for some help snapping the pic once you have it completely set up. But, that's OK, because it's your day, and they'll likely love being a part of it. They probably won't mind coming up with some captions for these eight ideas of birthday pictures to take at home, either.

The "Blowing Out My Candles In Bed" Picture
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Snap this picture when you wake up on your birthday or before you go to bed after a day of celebrating with pool hangs, facials, or whatever you please. All you need is a comfortable outfit, a cupcake, and an extra cozy bed setup. The "Blowing Out My Candles In Bed" picture is meant to be as natural as possible, and it'll give you an incredible moment to reminisce on.

The "Take A Peek At My Birthday Outfit" Picture

Just because you're not going out to a fancy bar or club in the city on your birthday this year, that doesn't mean you can't get all dressed up. In fact, it's encouraged to purchase a cute #look, and style it for the 'gram. Pose in the mirror in your room and make your phone case match your outfit to really get the best out of the "Take A Peek At My Birthday Outfit" picture. Top off your post with a funny or clever caption.

The "Glowing 'Cause It's My Birthday" Picture

You typically glow a little different on your birthday, because you wake up and know you're about to spend about 24 hours relaxing, eating good food, and catching up with your friends. That's worth capturing and posing for the "Glowing 'Cause It's My Birthday" picture.

To take this shot, whip out your favorite beauty products and apply them while sitting in the sunshine that's pouring into your room. Don't sit there for super long, though. Getting a sunburn on your birthday is not the move.

The "Sunset And Party Dress" Picture

Sunsets are the planet's gift to you on your birthday. They're the ultimate backdrop, and summer babies like you have the ability to truly take advantage of the purple, pink, and orange sky. Just grab a party dress on your birthday and run outside around blue hour with your camera. You'll love looking at the pictures you capture and editing them in the Lightroom app.

The "Dancing In Confetti" Picture
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Confetti is a must for any birthday party, whether it's at home or on the other side of the world. On your day, pull out a pack or two for your roommate or BFF to throw at you while taking pictures. Dance around in front of the lens while the confetti rains down. Don't worry about making a mess — that's part of the fun of the "Dancing In Confetti" picture.

The "It's All About Me Today" Picture

It's all about you on your birthday, and you can let the world know it by taking the "It's All About Me Today" picture. Simply put, this shot requires four different selfies that are collaged together during the editing process. You can collage them all together using the PicFrame or Unfold apps.

The "Diving Into My Next Year Of Life" Picture

Having a birthday in the summer means you may spend most of your birthdays hanging by the pool. That's all well and good. Take advantage of your tradition and capture the "Diving Into My Next Year Of Life" picture. It will require some swimming skills. But if you can't dive, you can always cannonball into the pool and really make a splash on the 'gram.

The "Taking Selfies With My Sweets" Picture
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Most birthdays include a sweet of some kind and you can feature yours this summer. Take a selfie with your cake that's been perfectly filled with candles or a bowl of ice cream that's covered in rainbow sprinkles. Just be sure to put on a party hat, too, so everyone knows to celebrate you.

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