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34 Instagram Captions For Zoom Birthdays & Having A Blast With Your BFFs

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If your birthday is coming up, then you may be teasing the idea of a Zoom party. You may have seen one of your college friends participate in one and post it on social media, and thought to yourself, "Wow, that looks like such a lit time." TBH, having your entire crew pop up on your laptop and catch up over drinks and snacks is incredibly special. Be sure to have a few Instagram captions for Zoom birthdays ready so you can show your followers how you're having a blast, too.

The screenshots you capture of your crew playing games like "Truth or Dare" and "Never Have I Ever" will be too fun-loving, clever, and unique not to post on the 'Gram. They'll show how your besties went all out by putting up twinkly lights, glittery streamers, and disco balls in the view of their laptop's camera in order to make the birthday queen laugh and feel so loved. They'll document the moments when new inside jokes are made or everyone in your crew was able to be in one place, even if that place is a virtual meet-up.

Truth is, how often does that happen? With your besties settling all over the country and following their dreams in different directions, it's likely pretty tough to get everyone together. Having each of your BFFs log on to Zoom for a birthday party will be a present in itself, and a big enough moment to capture and post on social media. Use one of these captions for the occasion, OK?

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1. "Having a blast. How about you?"

2. "Virtually celebrating with my BFFs."

3. "This will truly be a birthday I'll never forget."

4. "I'm so lucky to have friends like these."

5. "Surprise! It's a Zoom birthday party."

6. "Getting the whole crew together for my birthday."

7. "The queen of the Zoom birthday party."

8. "But first, let's celebrate your birthday."

9. "New outfit for my birthday, who dis."

10. "Would you look at all that glitter and sparkles."

11. "Whatever sprinkles your birthday cupcakes."

12. "The playlist at the Zoom party was #lit."

13. "There are so many beautiful reasons to celebrate."

14. "Big things are coming for me this year."

15. "Friends who party on Zoom together, stick together."

16. "Some of our most quality jokes start on Zoom."

17. "Greetings from my Zoom birthday party!"

18. "Always better celebrating together."

19. "BRB, going to my birthday party on Zoom."

20. "This party is my favorite present I've received yet."

21. "Birthdays are more beautiful with all of my BFFs."

22. "The birthday babe."

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23. "Stay in your birthday magic. Even when your party's on Zoom."

24. "Shoutout to technology for this birthday party."

25. "Getting to hang out with my BFFs on my birthday? I'll cheers to that."

26. "A little bit older and a lot more fabulous."

27. "Happy birthday to my bestie."

28. "Wishing you a happy birthday from a distance."

29. "Every pizza me loves every pizza you."

30. "Is it possible to pass this birthday drink through the screen?"

31. "I was told there would be cake and inside jokes."

32. "Loving my virtual birthday party."

33. "Today is all about you."

34. "Sending my birthday love on Zoom."