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Play These Virtual Wine Games With The Fellow Grape Lovers In Your Crew

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Your new after-work routine come Friday may consist of tracking down your corkscrew and opening a bottle of wine. From there, you open your laptop, call a bestie up, and chat for hours while sipping a glass of bitter Pinot Grigio or flavorful and bold cabernet. It's a plan you've come to love because you get to chat with your BFFs and ask them about their days. But you always wish you knew of some virtual wine games to play with the fellow grape lovers in your friend group.

It's not like conversation stalls or there are a ton of awkward silences. You'd like to switch things up rather than recall the meetings you had for work that day, or the meals you're prepping for the week later on. Sometimes, you don't have anything "new" to report, either, concerning your crush, or the new roommate who's moving into your apartment next week. You'd like to make some new memories instead. That's why virtual wine games actually exist.

You don't need to pinch yourself and see if you're dreaming. This is real life. These eight wine games will make your grape-loving pals smile and laugh, and really excited to schedule more virtual happy hours with you. Play them the next time you log onto FaceTime or Zoom. (A glass of wine isn't always #necessary, but could be a fine touch.)

Wine Or Wine Not?
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First up, play "Wine Not?" and see how willing your pals are to go outside of their comfort zone. In this game, you make a list of adventurous and spontaneous things someone may do, like going skydiving, quitting their job and moving to an island, or asking someone out from high school. Everyone in your crew has to say if they would do or not, and explain why.

Totally In Love With Wine Trivia

How well do you and your pals know your wine? Do you know what regions certain bottles come from, or the proper way to smell the notes in a glass of red? "Totally In Love With Wine Trivia" will put your knowledge to the test and see who is the real conossieur among your crew. It may even inspire you to take an online wine class together.

Virtual Tasting Room

If you and your BFFs were together and able to, you'd totally be going to a winery and trying the season's flavors. Don't feel too discouraged, though, because "Virtual Tasting Room" exists and will let you tour wineries all over the world from home. Simply have everyone pour themselves a taste of four different glasses of wine.

Take sips at the same time, and then write down your ratings and what you notice most about them. Share your findings so your friends know what to pick up the next time they shop for wine.

Spin The Wine Bottle
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Have you ever played "Spin The Wine Bottle"? It works pretty similarly to "Spin The Bottle," except one person takes charge. They lay out slips of paper with everyone in your crew's name on them in a circle, and then spin an empty wine bottle. When the bottle stops and chooses a name, that person has to tell an embarassing story, spill some tea, or complete a dare. They get to choose.

Two Partners In Wine

Full disclosure: If you play "Two Partners In Wine," you will take a walk down Nostalgia Lane. That's because this game requires you and your BFF to go back into your camera roll and see who can find a picture of particular adventures you've had together first.

For instance, maybe you two studied abroad in Florence at the same time. On the count of three, go to your camera rolls and see who can find a picture of that adventure. Send it in a text to claim your crown.

A Wine-Themed Scavenger Hunt

True wine lovers have a lot of wine-related items at home, like corkscrews, used corks, and a sign with a wine pun. Distribute a list of these items to your grape-loving pals before a virtual happy hour, and then hunt for them all while you're chatting and catching up. See who can get the most items on the hunt, and drink some wine to celerbate their victory.

You're The Wine That I Want
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Most of us have a celebrity crush we'd love to share a glass of wine with. "You're The Wine That I Want" exposes who these are by having every person in your group go around and describe their perfect wine-related date. Their crush must be included, and they get extra points if the date takes place at a winery or somewhere luxurious in a wine-loving country like Italy.

Say Cheese

Lastly, play "Say Cheese" with your fellow grape lovers to really commemorate the memories you've made during your virtual happy hour, and to wrap up your sweet sesh. This game is so quick and easy, and requires everyone to pose in the camera with their glass of wine and a piece of cheese. Afterwards, in your group chat or on FaceTime or Zoom, everyone can take their best guess as to what type wine and cheese everyone is enjoying.

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