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10 Birthday Ideas For Tauruses Who Are Celebrating At Home In Style

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Taurus season is officially in full-swing, which means one thing: It's your birthday. Granted, when you're reading this it may not be the actual day of your birth. But, it's likely pretty close, and that's why you're searching for some birthday ideas for Tauruses celebrating at home. You want the day to feel special, but may not be entirely sure how to create that kind of magic from your bed or couch.

Don't fret. The stars are aligned for you, and a party or celebration at home still has so much potential. TBH, it's probably a perfect fit for your zodiac sign who loves to be treated to the luxurious things in life, but isn't always a huge fan of the spotlight. This birthday may inspire you to spend all of your birthdays with a glass of wine and pack of face masks, or to at least set aside some money around April or May for a well-deserved shopping spree.

Before we get into these 10 birthday ideas for Tauruses, be sure to have some Instagram captions set aside for the pics you're bound to post on social media on your birthday. In addition, pull out any balloons that are hiding in the back of your closet. Then, get to celebrating in style and at home.

Go On An Online Shopping Spree
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First up, take yourself on an online shopping spree. Check out the latest collections from your favorite brands and chic, local boutiques, and hit the "Add to Cart" button. When everything you order arrives, take some #fire selfies for the 'Gram.

Take A Virtual Dance Class

Dancing may or may not come naturally to you, Taurus. But, you do have a lot of appreciation for music and the arts. So, you should celebrate by taking a virtual dance class. Have a couple of your besties sign up, too, so you can do it together.

Have A Fashion Show For Your BFF Or SO

There are a ton of cute #looks waiting for you in your closet. Some can't be worn until summer, and others are waiting for an occasion like your birthday to make their debut. Do your makeup and hair, and have a fashion show for your BFF or SO on your birthday. It will make you feel like a million bucks.

Cook A Tasty Meal On Instagram Live

Go on Instagram Live and cook a tasty meal. You can show your loyal followers how to make the best California rolls or some buffalo chicken wings. Then, you can dine on them for a true and delicious birthday celebration.

Mess Around With Watercolor Paints
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Take some time to be with yourself on your birthday, and mess around with watercolor paints. Having this time to create and disconnect from the "real world" may speak to your soul. Not to mention, whatever you create can get hung up on the fridge afterwards.

Have A Video Game Marathon

Working with your hands is your jam, Taurus. That's why you are probably so good at various video games. Have an entire marathon on your birthday and pull out Mario Kart, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and more. Be sure to make snacks ahead of time, too.

Plant A Garden In Your Backyard

You're likely going to bloom in this year of your life, one way or another. Why not do it alongside a bunch of flowers and sweet plants in your backyard? You could plant tomatoes, sunflowers, and daises on your birthday and watch them bud for months to come.

Go On An At-Home Scavenger Hunt

You're really only competing against yourself in an at-home scavenger hunt, and that sounds like a dream, right? If so, ask your sibling, SO, or bestie to set one up for you for your special day. It'll be a meaningful activity that'll lead to new mems.

Take A Bubble Bath With A Good Book
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Are you reading something particularly good right now? Take that book into a relaxing bubble bath on your birthday. Spend some time soaking in the aromas and even doing a facial. You have nowhere to be, which means you can sit in your robe for hours, too, if you'd like.

Go For A Sunny Walk With Your Dog

Last but not least, if you have a dog or another pet in your life who loves the great outdoors, spend some time outside with them. You can take selfies next to pretty flowers in your neighborhood, or simply lounge in your backyard. Either way, get a little active and walk out of your birthday beaming.