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30 Captions For Your Taurus Partner's Birthday & All The Adorable Pics

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Believe it or not, it's almost Taurus season. You may feel extra love in the air and the desire to do some online shopping for that special Taurus in your life. Make sure you leave a little time in your schedule to put together a birthday post for your SO, and find a few Instagram captions for your Taurus partner's birthday.

They may not say it bluntly, but your Taurus loves to be pampered and treated to the finer things in life. Unlike a Leo, they don't search for the spotlight, but they do appreciate when other people shine it on them. If you've been dating for a while, you've likely picked up on their keen eye for designer clothes, or their deep passion for artistic things like music, cooking, and perfectly-scripted scenes in romantic comedies. It's your turn to make sure they feel seen, understood, and so loved.

On their birthday, you may want to cook them a lavish dinner, or give them little presents every hour on the hour. You may want to snuggle with them in bed or thank them for how they're always there for you when you need them the most. How about this: Show your endless love and appreciation with these 30 captions for your Taurus partner's special day. They'll complement the adorable pics you end up posting.

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1. "I wouldn't change a thing about my Taurus."

2. "Thanks for being you, babe."

3. "She's strong and beautiful like a wandering bull."

4. "There's nobody on the planet quite like my Taurus."

5. "A little stubborn and incredibly kind."

6. "Beauty is in the eye of this Taurus."

7. "We've got a romantic comedy kind of love."

8. "Let's dance in the kitchen and celebrate your birthday."

9. "The most down to Earth person I've ever known."

10. "A love (and person) like no other."

11. "I'll never finish falling in love with you."

12. "Dear, universe. Thank you for this one."

13. "So, there's this Taurus..."

14. "Birthdays are more beautiful with you."

15. "Paradise is in your arms."

16. "Treating you to all the finer things on your birthday."

17. "You're all mine and I'm not sharing."

18. "Hey, good lookin'. It's your birthday."

19. "Nobody compares to you. Not even the stars."

20. "The eighth wonder of the world. Send tweet."

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21. "Life isn't always perfect, but you are."

22. "My Taurus will never go out of style."

23. "I love you so much. That's what's up on your birthday."

24. "It's my babe's birthday."

25. "All you need is love and birthday cake."

26. "Stay in your birthday magic."

27. "I'm beyond proud to be yours."

28. "Doing big things to celebrate your birthday."

29. "Today is magical like my Taurus."

30. "You make me a better human."

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