Two best friends sit on the couch and video chat with their other friends on a laptop.

38 Captions For Zoom Happy Hours & Virtually Catching Up With Your BFFs

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Later today, you're going to log off of work and switch into your favorite pair of sweatpants. From there, you may wander into your kitchen and grab a glass of wine. Around 5:30 p.m or so., you'll settle into the couch, open your laptop, and sign into Zoom for virtual happy hour. To commemorate the grape times, gather up captions for Zoom happy hours and post your virtual catch-ups on the 'Gram.

Show your followers what your crew is up to and how technology can be a vital tool in bringing people together. Give them a glance into how you all are spending your weeknights, and the virtual happy hour games you decided to play while sipping on your go-to cabernet. It'll be inspiring to many, and make them think, "Should I make a Zoom account and gather up my besties, too?" Before you know it, you'll see your followers putting pics on their Instagram stories from their own catch-ups and hangs.

Of course, you may not know what kind of picture to post from a virtual happy hour. TBH, a classic screenshot is the way to go. Tell your besties to pose for the camera or wave toward their screens. Then, capture the moment on your end. Send the pic to everyone in your group chat, and use one of these 38 captions to post it on social media. Catching up with your crew will have never looked so good.

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1. "Thank goodness for Zoom, huh?"

2. "Say wine and cheese!"

3. "Drink wine and chill."

4. "Hanging out with my besties ~virtually~."

5. "When in doubt, Zoom it out."

6. "I made a Zoom account for this."

7. "A little distance never comes between us and our happy hours."

8. "Any friend of wine is a friend of mine."

9. "There's a 100% chance we do this again tomorrow."

10. "Playing virtual games and loving our hangs."

11. "Greetings from our virtual happy hour on Zoom!"

13. "I enjoy long, romantic Zoom sessions with my BFFs."

14. "Never underestimate the power of happy hour on Zoom."

15. "Less Monday, more virtual hangs out with my BFFs."

16. "Catch my crew on Zoom."

17. "Currently: Drinking wine and signing onto Zoom."

18. "Welcome to virtual happy hour. Can I get you a glass of wine?"

19. "What did we do before happy hours and Zoom?"

20. "The best wine is the one you drink virtually with friends."

21. "Shoutout to technology for this catch-up session."

22. "Now accepting all invitations for virtual happy hour."

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23. "All hours should be this happy."

24. "Sip happens. Virtual happy hours help."

25. "I'll never say no to happy hour with my BFFs."

26. "Achieve grape-ness. Make an account on Zoom."

27. "You had me at 'happy hour.'"

28. "This is my new version of paradise."

29. "Would you look at all of those BFFs having a ball?"

30. "There's nothing better than seeing your BFFs smile."

31. "Fancy meeting you on Zoom."

32. "Getting to hang out with my BFFs? I'll cheers to that."

33. "Why limit happy to just an hour?"

34. "The queen of happy hour games and her loyal followers."

35. "See you on Zoom real soon."

36. "Having only grape times."

37. "Still figuring out this whole Zoom thing."

38. "So, when's the next virtual happy hour?"

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