A young woman sits on her kitchen counter with a cup of coffee and takes a selfie on her phone.
12 Cute IG Story Filters For Capturing The Sweetest Moments In Your Life

Milan Markovic/E+/Getty Images

Whether you're taking a selfie on a sunny afternoon or a picture of your iced coffee after it's been freshly brewed, one thing is clear: You need a few cute Instagram story filters to capture the moment right. Sure, the filters built into the stories part of the app could balance out the colors and highlights in your photo. But, nothing will make your moment quite as dreamy as these effects that were created by people specifically for a #cutetime in your life.

They'll turn your surroundings a lovely shade of pink, or put flowers in a mug you have sitting on your kitchen table. With a few taps, they'll make you feel like you're living in a vintage movie or your favorite rom-com. If you're not sure when exactly to use them, think about the moments that already give you a pair of heart eyes. Snaps of you and your SO cuddling on the couch, having a picnic in a park, or walking your dog around your neighborhood are incredibly worthy of these effects' iridescent glows.

Not to mention, the mornings when you're getting dressed and listening to a lifestyle podcast are basically made for the these 12 cute filters, too. Don't waste another minute not using them to capture your life.

GOOD TIMES / KIRA by @bryant

Here's the deal: @bryant creates some of the dreamiest effects that the Instagram app has to offer. @bryant's latest creation, GOOD TIMES / KIRA smoothes over every photo and will give selfies a simple sparkle, too. Save it for your adventures this summer or your cozy hangouts at home.

Googly eyes by @oleg.pashkovsky

Trade your heart eyes for a cute pair of googly eyes with this story effect by @oleg.pashkovsky. Conveniently called Googly eyes, it'll give you and your besties a pair of big cartoon eyes that'll make you smile from the other side of the screen. Mess around with it in the morning to start your day off on the right foot.

cherry on top by @f.feazaaa

Everything is sweeter when it has a cherry on top, right? Give this filter a try when you're having dessert and watching a TV show at the end of the day, or want to send a cute pic to your crush. cherry on top by @f.feazaaa will cue sweet and cheery reactions.

Cloudy Baby by @le_xtina

Is your head typically stuck in the clouds? Then download the Cloudy Baby effect by @le_xtina for your upcoming stories. It places the most delicate string of clouds across your face, and will make any moment feel otherworldly. It's particulary good for capturing afternoons when you're napping or relaxing on your balcony.

Yellow Star by @darazimermann

You're a star. You don't necessarily need an Instagram filter to remind you of that, but Yellow Star by @darazimermann will on the reg. It'll surround you with floating star stickers and make you feel like a ray of sunshine. (Seriously.)

Cute Love by @gabyy.souzaoficial

Whether you're sending a message to your crush or taking another chill pic with your SO, try out Cute Love. Hearts and sparkles have never looked as good as they do in this creation by @gabyy.souzaoficial.

Coco by @carmushka

Coco by @carmushka will give your next Instagram story a nice glow. It makes colors look a little more saturated and fades out any major highlights or shadows. Use it when you're exploring or taking pics of a bouquet of flowers in your room.

RainbowMoonLight by @ya.molli

Don't sleep on RainbowMoonLight by @ya.molli. This effect is as dreamy as it gets with its natural tones of pink and blue. It will make your morning coffee look like it took a dip in cotton candy and your apartment look unicorn-esque.

Ice Cream Earrings by

Feeling a little quirky today? Sweet! Try Ice Cream Earrings by to bring your #mood to the next level. This filter hangs multicolor cones from your ears with cosmic whips. It's worth sending to everyone in the group chat, too, so they can get the latest scoop.

freckles by @mnelllss

If you've ever drawn freckles on your face or said to your best friends, "I wish I had freckles," then freckles by @mnelllss is for you. It splatters sparkly freckles on your face, making you look like you've just been kissed by the sun and stars. It's undeniably cute.

Tangerine*Dream by @ivajorg

Orange you glad you found this article that recommends the cutest Instagram story filters including Tangerine*Dream by @ivajorg? If you add this effect to your app, then you'll likely say, "Um, yes!" It's warm and inviting, and has a simple dusty glow.

Orange and Teal by @iraultzaphotos

Last but not least, give Orange and Teal by @iraultzaphotos a whirl the next time you want to take a cute pic and post it on your Instagram story. This effect will capture life as if you're living in an endless golden hour. And if there's one thing you know about golden hour, it's that everything looks cute when the lighting is sunset-like.