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15 Easy & Fun Indoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas To Do With Your SO

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It's about time you plan an exciting indoor date inspired by your favorite summer camp activity: a scavenger hunt. This activity is perfect for rainy days when you have a ton of energy but don't want to step outside, or when you're bored at home. To begin, look into the indoor scavenger hunt ideas to do with your partner that are so easy to recreate.

Get ready to have some fun with the person you love and even dig up some old memories. These scavenger hunt ideas will bring you to the boxes in the back of your closet where you have pictures from your first date stashed away, or the drawers in the kitchen where there are ticket stubs from Jonas Brothers and blink-182 shows laying around. They'll have you wearing matching crewnecks from past beach vacations, and taking selfies with your pup in the backyard. The best part is these ideas can all be recreated right in your home and will speak to your competitive and loving souls.

After you look into them a little more, open your laptop or phone and jot the list of items you need to hunt for down. Give a copy to your SO, and put on your comfiest looks. Once you're both ready and have your game faces on, let the indoor scanvenger hunt begin.

Take A Selfie With Your Pet
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Find your fluffy and adorable pet, and take a selfie with them on your phone. Maybe they're chilling in the backyard or snuggled up the couch. Capture it in the spirit of the scavenger hunt with a cute pet filter from Instagram.

Collect Your Favorite Coffee Mug

In the morning, when you're half asleep and in desperate need of some coffee, there's always a certain mug you look for in the kitchen. Pull it out of the cabinet or dishwasher for this indoor scavenger hunt. Put it down in an agreed-upon spot, and then continue on with your list.

Make A Paper Airplane

Grab a sheet of paper and put your folding skills to the test for this scavenger hunt item. Fold the sheet of paper into a pretty well-functioning airplane, and then see how far it flies. Record its "first flight" on your phone to show your partner later on.

Eat A Piece Of Candy

The peanut butter cups and chocolate kisses in your home will make a pretty tasty debut during your indoor scavenger hunt if you include this list item. Not to mention, they'll give you quite the sugar rush so you can complete the other tasks at hand. Do yourself a favor and leave the empty wrapper out to prove you ate a piece of sweet candy.

Put A Fun Date Idea In A Jar
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Do you and your SO struggle with coming up with fresh date ideas? If so, use this scavenger hunt as an opportunity to get creative and build up your idea stash. Find a jar and toss one idea into it before moving onto your next list item.

Do Jumping Jacks In Your Backyard

Get a little active in the name of the indoor scavenger hunt and do jumping jacks in your backyard. Throw your arms in the air and your legs out to the side. Decide how many you have to do with your partner before the game begins.

Draw An Animated Movie Character

If you and your partner love watching Disney movies together on the weekends, or have spent a lot of time watching virtual Star Wars rides, then you'll love this list item. It challenges you to draw an animated movie character the best you can. Hang it up on the fridge when you're done.

Find Three Things That Are Orange

Orange you glad you're doing an indoor scavenger hunt with your SO? Duh! You're excited about all the new mems you'll make together while searching for things around your home. Especially when you have to track down three things that are orange, you expect to have a blast.

Hunt For An Old Ticket Stub
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Digging up old memories is what a scavenger hunt with your partner is all about. So, make sure you include this nostalgic list item: Hunt for an old ticket stub. Track down the stub in your email, or in a box you have under your bed that's filled with mems.

Sing "Your Song" At The Top Of Your Lungs

Some couples have a song they consider "theirs." And when it comes on the radio, they can't help but scream-sing it to each other. Channel this tradition during your scavenger hunt. Find a song that's yours and record yourself singing it at the top of your lungs.

Write Down The Name Of The First Movie You Watched With Your Partner

Trivia is always a good idea, right? For this list item, test your knowledge about your relationship and write down the name of the first movie you watched with your SO. Compare notes when the game is said and done. Whoever named the correct film gets a point.

Pick Out A Hilarious Outfit For Your Partner

Raid your partner's closet and pick out the funniest outfit you can find. Mix and match a shirt and pair of jeans that don't go, or pull out a funky hat they swore they'd never wear again. When the game is all said and done, put of the hilarious #looks you picked out for each other.

Text Your Partner's Family Member Or Friend
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Take some time to reach out to your partner's family members or friends during your epic scavenger hunt. Ask them how they are, and tell them about the fun game you're currently playing together. They'll love and appreciate the text, and the opportunity to help you check off a list item.

Create The Perfect Cocktail

Create a sweet drink for your partner to try. Assuming your 21 and over, of course, mix a shot of liquor with a fruit juice, and toss a nice garnish on the rim of the glass. Whoever makes the "perfect" cocktail gets a point.

Record A 30-Second Video Saying What You Love About Your Partner The Most

Last but not least, record a 30-second-long video saying what you love the most about your partner. Dish your true feelings, and don't be afraid to mention certain moments when you've really fallen for them hard. Have your SO watch the clip when you're done with your indoor scavenger hunt for all the smiles and happy tears.

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