'Star Wars': Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland, California features the Millennium Falcon and huge cliffs.
5 Virtual 'Star Wars' Rides You'll Love To "A Galaxy Far, Far Away" & Back

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You don't have to travel to an amusement park "far, far away" in order to experience Star Wars-inspired rides and rollercoasters. Thanks to your technology and dedicated fans with YouTube accounts, you can chill in your sweatpants at home and experience these attractions at the same time. To do so, you simply need to check out the virtual Star Wars rides on YouTube and then wait for Darth Vader, Chewbacca, and Princess Leia to show up.

Of course, if you have a lightsaber casually tucked into the back of your closet or a T-shirt with Baby Yoda (otherwise known as The Child) on it, then you're going to want to pull out those items, too. After all, you may just be chilling with your laptop or phone, but these videos will put you on the frontlines of battles against the First Order and make you a true member of the Resistance. They'll let you travel through time and space in the Millenium Falcon which, without a doubt, requires you to wear a sweet outfit inspired by the iconic franchise.

Let's not waste another minute, because these five ~virtual~ Star Wars rides are waiting for you to hop on them. Grab your C-3PO figurine or a roomie who reminds you of Rey, and prepare to explore galaxies and live out your most BB-eauitful dreams.

Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run

The first of these rides is Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run. Essentially, it puts you in the place of Han Solo or Chewbacca, and lets you jump through time and space while on a wild and exciting mission. This virtual version of the ride lets you sit in the front seat where the action is incredibly real, and it's truly an experience you don't want to miss.

'Star Wars': Rise Of The Resistance

You're a diehard member of the Resistance, right? Phew! Then, you'll adore Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, where you're put on a First Order Star Destroyer, and face tons of stormtroopers and legends from the franchise. After zooming around the ship and running into Kylo Ren, you'll be launched into space as the Resistance aims to rescue you. Will you make it? Watch the vid to find out.

Build A Lightsaber At Savi's Workshop

Every fan of the Star Wars franchise has probably dreamed of having their own lightsaber. After seeing Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Rey, Ben Solo and more use the Force how could you not? This video will take you into Savi's Workshop where lightsabers are made. Have this experience virtually so you're prepared when you travel to Disney World or Disneyland one day and make your own.

'Star Wars': Secrets Of The Empire

Facing Darth Vader and taking down the Empire is a gigantic feat, but you can try your hand at it with Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire at Disney Springs. This immersive experience uses tech like virtual reality to disguise you as a stormtrooper and gives you a mission courtesy of the Rebellion. Get a glimpse of it in this YouTube video.

A Walking Tour Of 'Star Wars': Galaxy's Edge

Last but not least, whether you've seen Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge in person yet or not, you need to take this walking tour. It's an exclusive #look of the park and the massive cliffsides and memorabilia that bring your favorite franchise to life. For true fans of Yoda and everything related to Star Wars — and even those who are simply chilling on the couch at home — it's a total must-watch.

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