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15 Cool Ideas For Outdoor Mirror Selfies That Are So Insta-Trendy RN

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Pulling your circle mirror out from its designated spot in your room and setting it up in your backyard, driveway, or sun-filled patio is the latest trend on Instagram. If you haven't already seen your favorite influencers pose in their vintage gold mirrors in order to show off their #OOTD, then that would be a big shock. It seems like everyone is coming up with their own cool ideas for mirror selfies outside and letting their reflection do the heavy, creative lifting.

It's about time you joined in on the trend and added something new to your feed. Before you start shifting furniture and snapping pics for IG though, you need tips and tricks. For example, taking an awesome mirror pic outside requires some natural-looking props. These could be fresh oranges from the grocery store you've sliced up, cute flowers you can hold while sporting a new sundress or bathing suit, and the clouds if you choose to angle your mirror up to the sky. Any sort of mirror pics — but especially ones that are taken outdoors — can be taken using the self-timer feature on your device, too.

Once you know those tricks, it's time to execute some funky, totally rad ideas. Lucky for you, there are 15 listed here that will help you work with the latest trend.

The "Out And About" Picture
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The "Out and About" photo may have been where the concept of taking your mirror outside for selfies began. It's easy to capture whenever you go to the store or take a drive with your best friend or partner. Just point your camera at the side mirror while driving past an epic sight.

The "Serious Outside Vibes" Picture

The "Serious Outside Vibes" pic is all about bringing the sunshine into your room. Your mirror should sit in a spot where the beams can illuminate your face, and you should wear your fave summer #look. Big hats aren't a requirement, but they are definitely encouraged.

The "All Dressed Up" Picture

Getting all dressed up is almost a #must if you're going to have a photo shoot with your mirror outside. But, this pic highlights your closet in a sweet and vintage-looking way. Put on something ~fancy~ and edit the final product so that it has some additional shadows and grain.

The "Surrounded By Flowers" Picture

If you're willing to bring your mirror into a nearby field where there are daisies and sprigs of lavender, then you'll capture the perfect "Surrounded by Flowers" pic to add to your feed. Pro tip: Bring something you can prop the mirror up against or a friend who can help you out.

The "Fancy Seeing You Here" Picture
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The "Fancy Seeing You Here" picture comes across as pretty spontaneous. You only need a small mirror posted up on the side of your building or home in order to capture it. Pretend you're running errands and were caught off-guard to get the full effect. Consider using a mirror with a bright frame.

The "Bird's Eye View" Picture

Change your followers' perspective with the "Bird's Eye View" picture. Take them to your rooftop or into your sun-filled driveway and put the mirror on the ground so that it has a lovely view of the sky. Peep your head into the frame and be sure the lens can capture your face and your shoes. To spice it up some more, add a witty phrase when you edit this shot.

The "Let's Not Focus On Me" Picture

The best way to show off your hiking spot, backyard, or outdoor picnic location? Snap the "Let's Not Focus On Me" picture. For this picture, simply hold a mirror in your lap. Have your bestie or SO take a picture while you look away.

The "I Spy A Mirror" Picture

Believe it or not, a mirror doesn't have to be the focus of your outdoor photo shoot with a mirror. It can make an appearance in the background and add some summery details. To grab the "I Spy A Mirror" picture, simply position your reflective frame on a nearby tree or against a white sheet you're using as a chic backdrop. Then, wait for your self-timer to capture sweet and unexpected #views.

The "Seeing Double" Picture
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You can create two of you with just a mirror and a camera when you take the "Seeing Double" shot. If you do, your followers are sure to stop scrolling and say, "Woah!" The truth is, this picture is a total optical illusion and takes some creative thinking. Try it out with a mirror that has no frame for the best results.

The "Getting Personal" Picture

Do you want to show off your new nail design or bold eyeliner? Duh! The "Getting Personal" picture will be right up your alley. It focuses on your face by bringing your lens closer to the mirror. Have someone else take this photo if you really want the focus to be on your beauty routine. Add some greenery, too.

The "Golden Balcony Chillin'" Picture

Your balcony is begging you to have a photo shoot. So, why not make the most of the summer sun and your mirror, and take a "Golden Balcony Chillin'" picture? Simply prop your mirror so that it faces into your room, and snap your #OOTD or some casual selfies. You can show off your new sneakers or pullover so well with this shot.

The "Holding My Fave Mirror" Picture

If you have a cute, handheld mirror, pull it out for your next photo shoot. Lay out a silky bed sheet and hold it while you take selfies on your camera or phone. It'll be such romantic, little glimpse into your life, and will instantly rake in the likes.

The "Over The Shoulder" Picture

You can add interesting details to your photos with some easy adjustments. When it comes to taking mirror selfies, these include taking a shot from "Over The Shoulder" and angling your lens so that it adds something to the foreground. For this shot, it's OK if your mirror isn't completely in the frame.

The "Styled For The Beach" Picture

Your mirror can be a great adventure buddy this summer. If you're heading to the beach, throw it in your car along with your towel and bottle of sunscreen. When you get there, show off your new bikini or slip dress while sitting in the sand. If an ocean wave comes in right as you hit "capture," that would be a big plus.

The "Laying With My Pup" Picture

Putting your pup on your Instagram feed is always a good idea. Your pup can be included in the latest trend by laying out in a shady backyard spot with you and your mirror. Use your phone to take this pic and show that you're having a lazy afternoon that's well-worth documenting for your friends and followers.