These Summer Mocktails Are Perfect For Date Night & Shaking Things Up With Your SO

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Shanelle Infante, Elite Daily

Tonight is date night, which means you and your partner are going to go up to the roof and have a picnic at sunset or cuddle up on the couch and watch a romantic comedy. You may cook something on the grill or leave the windows open so lots of fresh air can pour into your apartment while you're playing games. TBH, you may whip up some of the best summer mocktails for date night, too, and complete the evening with some fruity drinks.

You have a few raspberry-flavored seltzers and lemons patiently waiting in your fridge to be used, as well as a fresh pomegranate sitting on your countertop that could be a welcoming addition to a drink. The sprigs of mint you recently received in a produce box could be a yummy garnish or create some flavor on the rim of your glass. Long story short: You've already obtained the ingredients you need to make a delicious mocktail. You just need to find a recipe that's suited for your tastebuds and fruity desires, and also tell your partner, "Lime yours."

Look not further than these mocktail recipes that'll treat you to a summer night you'll never forget. (A bamboo straw and decorative umbrella aren't #necessary — but they are highly recommended.)

This Recipe Makes The Perfect Virgin Strawberry Mojito

The first of these recipes makes the perfect virgin strawberry mojito. Complete with fresh sprigs of mint, ice, and lime slices, this drink will likely pair nicely with a chicken or fish meal. If you're planning on serving some appetizers before digging into your fun date night activities, then definitely mix up this mocktail for you and your SO to sip.

This Recipe Calls For The Zest Of KeyLime LaCroix

Calling all fans of LaCroix! This zesty recipe is for you. It calls for a few cans of KeyLime LaCroix, as well as honey, clementine juice, and fresh mint leaves. The final result is a drink that'll remind you and your SO of your favorite vacations togethers and moments when you've chilled on the beach.

This Recipe Has Pressed Coconut Water And Protein In It

When you think of your favorite mocktails, you probably don't think about tossing a bunch of ingredients — including your fave protein powder — in a NutriBullet. But, this Protein Piña Colada recipe requires you to do so, and mixes vanilla protein powder with a banana, frozen pineapple chunks, vanilla Greek yogurt, chunks of ice, and Vita Coco's Pressed Coconut Water.

This Recipe Will Make You Dream About Future Trips With Bae

Every recipe comes with a story, and this Coconut Lime Agua Fresca is no exception. The YouTuber behind the refreshing mocktail, Steph Gaudreau, talks about how this drink is inspired by a trip she took to Mexico in the beginning of the video. If you make it for you and your partner, you'll probably daydream of future trips you want to take together.

This Recipe Has A Super Date Night-Worthy Name

You may be puckering up on your date night, and it won't just be because you made this fizzy papaya-ginger energy mocktail. Although the citrus of the orange slice and the unique flavor of the Celsius Sparkling Orange Energy Drink may liven up your tastebuds, your partner is what will really give you the good vibes and heart eyes. You, know?

This Recipe Is As Tropical As It Gets

During your summer date night, let the tropical vibes flow into your apartment, courtesy of Perrier. The brand's Tropical Vibes mocktail can easily be mixed together, whether you've had this date night planned forever or penciled it into your schedule at the last-minute. Simply organize your hot water, honey, lemon juice, and a Perrier Original Carbonated Mineral Water, follow the recipe's instructions, and enjoy.

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