A young couple laughs and eats salads while sitting on their couch on a lunch break.

15 Summer Salad Recipes On TikTok That'll Upgrade Your Lunch Break

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Summer is quite possibly the tastiest time of the year, because there are so many fruits and vegetables that are in season. You can see the rise in fresh goods when you wander into the grocery store and pick out produce from the overflowing crates of peaches, watermelon, tomatoes, corn on the cob, cucumbers, blueberries, and zucchini. Bringing bags of these goods home and following along with all the summer salad recipes on TikTok on your lunch breaks becomes #necessary.

You don't want to miss out on the bold flavors — or skip a delicious beet, if you will — and these recipes know how to make citrus notes stand out among the others on your tastebuds. They combine chunks of avocado with spring mix, quinoa, nuts, and crunchy croutons, and coach you on what kind of dressing to drizzle over the top. Some of the recipes you can watch even suggest herbs you can add to your salad, like basil or a dash of chives.

To say the least, when you check out these recipes, and then try them out for yourself, you may have a lot of trouble romaine-ing calm. If you have time on your lunch break, you may post a video on TikTok with your fabulous creation. Without further ado, here are the summer salad recipes on TikTok you should watch and try in the next few months.

This Salad Is Made With Must-Haves From Trader Joe's

First up, try this salad that's inspired by two must-have Trader Joe's products. It uses the balsamic glaze and the iconic Everything But The Bagel seasoning to really jazz up a mixture of avocado, fresh basil, mozzarella, and tomatoes. Anyone who adores this grocery store and incorporating its frozen foods and snacks in their daily meals will enjoy this summer treat on a lunch break.

This Salad Has Some Seasoned Chicken On Top

Chicken is a welcoming addition to any salad. It adds a kick of protein to your meal and pairs really nicely with fruit. Take a look at this recipe which mixes chicken with spinach, mango slices, and strawberries. There's a "secret seasoning" you will want to know about, too.

This Salad Is A Tasty Celebration Of Lentils

Pull out your favorite pan for this lentil salad on TikTok. It has a few steps, such as sautéing garlic, onions, lentils, scallions, carrots, cilantro, and mushrooms. Your cooked-up mixture is then placed over a heaping handful of kale.

This Salad Is All About The Sesame Noodles

You'll need a variety of ingredients in order to put together this sesame noodle salad on TikTok. But, your efforts to track down soy sauce, rice vinegar, and sesame oil in the grocery store will be so worth it. Once you get home, be sure to wipe your products down, wash your hands, and then pull out a bowl. Follow the steps to make a unique meal.

This Salad Is An Insta-Worthy Spread

Dwight Schrute from The Office would be proud of this salad because it uses beets and other colorful ingredients in it. You also will be proud of it after putting it together because it's an Instagram-worthy meal to its core. This user teaches you how to spread out each part so that your followers will say, "Wow!"

This Salad Is A Dream For Watermelon Lovers

If you've ever seen a watermelon and feta salad on a restaurant menu and thought, "I wonder what that tastes like," now is your time to find out. This TikTok user is breaking down the yummy ingredients and how to mix them together for the meal you've always been curious about.

This Salad Can Be Served Again And Again

Meal prepping is your jam. It allows you to always have a tasty meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This bean salad will be a new item to add to your weekly menu. It uses sweet potatoes, bell peppers, carrots, and cilantro (among other ingredients), and can be served over and over again.

This Cooling Cucumber Salad Is Refreshing For Hot Summer Days

There's no doubt that summer can come with some extremely hot days. On those days when you feel like you're burning up in your apartment, make this cooling cucumber salad. Mix up ginger, garlic, sea salt, cilantro, maple syrup, and more with a couple of cucumbers.

This Pineapple Salad Is A Malaysian-Style Afternoon Bite

The flavors in this Malaysian-style salad on TikTok are undoubtedly delicious. If you've never mixed pineapple, nuts, carrots, and thai basil into a bowl, then you're in for a memorable afternoon treat. Be sure to watch this recipe a few times over before making it so you don't miss out on any of the ingredients within the salad or the dressing.

This Salad Is Easy To Make On Short Lunch Breaks

A summer salad doesn't need to have a million ingredients in it to be delicious. This salad on TikTok is a prime example, and is mainly made with a mix of greens, salt, and a little bit of oil. On shorter lunch breaks or busy days, make this your go-to.

This Salad Is Jam-Packed With Nutrients

Don't sleep on the quinoa in your cabinet when you're putting together a summer salad. It can be a great base in your bowl — which is also filled with cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, onion, and a splash of olive oil. This user on TikTok adds the array of tasty ingredients to pack her lunch with nutrients and color. At the end of the video, she mixes it all up.

This Salad Has Pickles And Honey Mustard

Pickles and honey mustard? That may sound like an interesting combination, but this salad recipe on TikTok will inspire you to grab your cutting board and get choppin'. Grab your avocados, mushrooms, bell pepper, and more for this meal that won't disappoint.

This Salad Is Ready To Be Featured On A Cooking Show

Some salads are made to be in front of your camera as well as in your mouth. This is one of those salads, as it includes a dab of hummus, various layers of greens, roasted vegetables, and a touch of crunch. The result is a well-rounded lunch experience that you'll tell your friends about on the reg.

This Salad Is A DIY Version Of Sweet Green's Harvest Bowl

Fans of Sweet Green will want to head straight for this recipe on TikTok that recreates the spot's delicious Harvest Bowl. If you decide to make it for lunch, be sure to pencil out some extra time to let the sweet potatoes roast and prep the apple. You'll need it to create this masterpiece.

This Salad Will Kick Your Break Up A Notch

A spicy cabbage salad will seriously wake up your tastebuds. Ingredients such as chili, sriracha, and tofu will be so notable and keep you actively identifying different flavors. Long story short: This salad is ready to kick your lunch breaks up a notch.