Two young women stand in the sand at the beach as the saltwater rushes back out to sea.
Your IG Needs A "Summer Textures" Photo & Here's How To Create It

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This summer, everyone on Instagram is seemingly spending less time in front of the camera and more time behind it. The results are sweet trends that capture the season, new mems you're making, and people you love. The latest of these trends is all about capturing summer textures such as the grainy nature of sand and the spiky skin on a pineapple, so we're bringing you the best tips on how to create a "summer textures" photo on Instagram.

Essentially, these types of photos are supposed to make you want to put your hand through the screen and touch whatever they're depicting: a salty wave, a soft towel, a straw hat that's keeping someone's face out of the bright sun — you name it. They're also meant to make you slow down and notice the intricate details of life you wouldn't have typically.

The best part of this trend is you can be a part of it, well, anywhere. You don't necessarily have to drive down to the beach or locate the one palm tree in your town. As long as you follow these five tips for creating a nice "summer textures" photo on IG, you'll catch the eyes of many and have a feed that's so on-trend.

Make Use Of Your Zoom Ring
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The first tip we have for you is to make use of your zoom ring on your camera, or the zoom feature on your phone. This is a key step in creating a "summer textures" pic because it makes sure the focus is on the texture. It eliminates the sky above or the horizon line where people are walking about.

It also puts the viewer in a place of perspective. For example, if you zoom in on the sand next to your feet while sitting on the beach, one of your followers will feel like they're standing next to you looking down at their own feet. With one glance, they'll be transported to that time and place — which might encourage them to double-tap that photo.

Limit The Amount Of Colors In Your Composition

When it comes to a "summer textures" photo, you want to limit how many colors are in your picture, otherwise known as your composition. This can be easy to do since you're already trying to focus on one time or detail of a place. However, be aware of the details within those details so that your final photo doesn't look too busy or chaotic.

Ultimately, a "summer textures" photo is meant to act as a filler on your feed, breaking up the vintage mirror selfies or #OOTD photos you've posted recently. Limiting colors will let your pic be the best filler it can be, and not distract from the #content you're posting next, either.

Don't Be Afraid To Mix Textures

Where it's key to limit color, it's OK to mix textures and draw your followers' eyes to various parts of the photo. You can do this thoughtfully by making sure the items or details you want to combine are in the same color palette. An ocean wave and a patch of sand is such an easy combination you can capture and a great example of this. Both are neutral but bring their own vibe to the photo.

Other summery combos you may want to try are rocky, black pavement and the top of a skateboard, or a picnic blanket and the white pages of a book. Do you see how these combos work well together?

Toss On A Very Natural-Looking Edit

So, you've taken your photo and now it's time to edit it. When you're opening up your Lightroom and Photoshop apps, don't head straight for your presets. (This may be the only time you hear this recommendation.) Instead, opt for lightly editing the photo from scratch, and simply adjusting some highlights and shadows and color.

All in all, keep the look of the photo pretty natural. In addition, don't be afraid to edit out things that take away from the flow of the texture. You can remove clumps of seaweed in a sea of ripples, or even a lone weed in a stretch of grass by using the clone stamp and spot healing tools in Photoshop.

Ask Yourself, "What Are My Favorite Parts Of Summer?"
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The best question to ask yourself is, "What's my favorite parts of summer?" This will help you track down the next texture you want to capture, and even appreciate what you already love even more. You'll start to see details that you'd typically overlook, and post about your summer memories in new and exciting ways. That's the beauty of the "summer textures" trend — it's a ripple effect as strong as the waves. See what catches your eye and be part of the latest on IG.