Jaden Sprinz bites into a jelly fruit candy while playing "Hit or Miss" on his YouTube channel and e...
These Jelly Fruit Candy TikToks Are So Satisfying To Watch Over & Over

If it wasn't for the internet, you probably wouldn't know about the tasty snack that is jelly fruit candy. Like the Carpool Karaoke microphone and Squishmallows, they're another viral sensation that started on a store's shelves and are now in trendy TikTok videos. You may be thinking, "Haven't jelly fruit candy TikToks been around for a while?"

Well, yes. Jaden Sprinz discovered jelly fruit candy (aka TikTok candy) at a 99-cent store in Dec. 2019, according to a Feb. 2020 article from Food & Wine. He bought and used them to show his fan base that his vampire-like teeth are legit. What he likely didn't expect was that everyone would rush to find their own bag of bursting candy — even if it meant buying it on Ebay at a much more expensive price. From there, it turned into a TikTok challenge called "Hit or Miss," where a user bites into a pineapple or grape-shaped treat to either have the juices hit their mouth or totally splatter on the floor.

Flash forward to 2021, and jelly fruit candy TikToks are still "hitting" our #ForYou pages on TikTok, and some of the best compilations to watch. Whether users have tried the challenge before or are just getting their hands on jelly fruit candy, which is now available to shop at Walmart or on Amazon, it's always exciting to see what their outcome will be. Here are some of the best jelly fruit candy TikToks on the Internet right now.

This Video Is Bursting With Excitement For Jelly Fruit Candy

Just like this TikTok user notes, when the jelly fruit TikTok candy first went viral, you couldn't find it anywhere. Luckily, you can now shop it from several retailers and record your own video that's bursting with excitement. This video is certainly an adrenaline rush from beginning to end, as @thats.ram taste-tests different flavors before one candy splatters all over her laptop.

This Video Tries Putting The Candy In The Freezer

Have you tried putting the jelly fruit TikTok candy in the freezer before you bite into them? This video gives you a glimpse as to what you can expect if you do. @therealqtube puts one of the candies in the freezer for 24 hours to find that it's impossible to bite into. The best part? His reaction at the end.

This Video Starts A Whole New Jelly Fruit Candy Trend

Look, playing "Hit or Miss" is always a good and thrilling time. But @austinsprinz is playing a new game on TikTok with these candies called "Jellyfruit Ruler." Essentially, you roll one of the jelly fruit TikTok candies down an extended measuring tape that ends in one of your housemate's mouth. If they can catch it in their mouth, you're both winners.

This Video Is Proof That The Candy Can Turn Your Tongue A Different Color

In @alxhendy's video, it's confirmed that a specific blue jelly TikTok candy can turn your tongue a different color. After biting into the bursting treat, the TikToker shows off a tongue that's totally saturated with blue dye. The real question is, what flavor is a blue jelly fruit candy?

This Video Shows Jaden Sprinz Playing "Hit Or Miss"

Jaden Sprinz, aka the original TikToker who posted about jelly fruit TikTok candy, has a video playing "Hit or Miss." It's a delicious mess from beginning to end, as he pops the jelly fruit TikTok candy with his sharp teeth. Check it out before playing the game for yourself.