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10 Clever Food Hacks On TikTok That'll Give You Serious Chef Skills

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TikTok has never tasted so darn good. From trending hot chocolate bombs, to whipped coffee, to charcuterie boards, the app offers morsel after morsel of tasty treats to try. Oh, and there's more. On top of trendy recipes to prepare, TikTok is also cluing people in on master chef secrets to save time in the kitchen while maximizing taste. These clever food hacks on TikTok will make cooking as easy as pie.

From watching TikTokers save time during dinner prep to elevating a simple cheese quesadilla into four-tiered layers, your jaw will seriously drop. Your stomach will also thank you for learning these TikTok food hacks that'll have you whipping up mouthwatering meals in half the time it usually takes you to prepare. When you post your masterful creations on the 'gram, your followers will be impressed with everything, including how farm-fresh your produce looks, thanks to TikTok's food storing tips.

When it comes to cooking, certain skills can be difficult. But, these food hacks on TikTok will make tackling recipes and kitchen goodness less daunting in no time. Not only will you love everything you're serving in the kitchen, but all of your followers will love the content you're serving on your feed, too.

This TikTok Tip Will Show You A New Way To Prep A Pineapple

If you want to look super cool in your TikTok, there's no need to cut up your pineapple. You'll likely shock your followers when you try this TikToker's pull-apart method. Who knew this tasty snack could actually be easy to prep?

This TikToker shows how to take the top of the pineapple off. You can eat the pineapple right off the peel.

This Avocado Hack Will Keep Your Fruit From Turning

If you're an avocado toast aficionado, you know the tropical fruits can turn pretty fast. Luckily, you can make your avo last for as long as you need it with this handy TikTok hack.

Place the fruit in a container filled halfway with water and a few squeezes of lemon juice. Then, cut your avocado in half, place the unused half in the container, and refrigerate. It will remain fresh and ready for your guacamole.

This Quesadilla Hack Will Elevate A Classic Recipe

Instead of snacking on a traditional cheese quesadilla, fill your tortilla with all your favorite toppings. To do this, cut four slices into your wrap, fill each quarter with your fillings of choice, wrap them up into one another, and place in a panini maker. You'll have a quesadilla to rival a restaurant in minutes.

This Pizza Hack Is Great For Leftover Slices

Make your leftover pizza as good as new with this reheating hack. Place the slice onto a hot frying pan, add a bit of water, and cover to let it steam. When you take a bite, you'll feel as though you ordered a new slice.

This Cake Cutting Hack Calls For A Wine Glass

Grab your favorite wine glass, because you're getting a cup full of cake with this TikTok hack. Save yourself the extra dishes and put your wine glass on top of your cake to scoop out a cup of dessert and make an Insta-worthy treat.

This Bagel Cutting Method Creates A Stacked Sandwich

TikTokers are cutting their bagels to make a multi-layered sandwich. Slicing the bagel allows you to layer in different fillings and create one gourmet bagel sandwich. This TikToker, for example, creates a stacked pizza bagel that's so drool-worthy.

This Chicken Hack Uses A Fork To Get Rid Of Tendons

Trimming tendons out of raw chicken can get messy. Keep your hands clean by using a fork and a paper towel. This hack gets rid of the unwanted bits by running the chicken through the slots of the fork for a clean and quick fix.

This Food Prep Hack Will Save You Time And Money

Produce goes bad all too quickly. To prevent this, prep your veggies in advance so that they last longer in the fridge. This TikToker cuts up onions, puts them through a food processor, and organizes them into freezer bags right after purchasing.

This TikTok Hack Uses A Wooden Spoon To Test Oil

You'll always know when your oil is heated to the right temperature with this wooden spoon hack. According to this TikToker, stick the handle of a wooden spoon in your oil. Once the oil around the spoon bubbles, you'll know the oil is at the right temperature.

This TikTok Hack Will Keep Your Pot From Boiling Over

Have you ever boiled water and it spilled over the pot? To prevent future messes, this TikToker suggests keeping ice cubes handy to put into the pot when the bubbles grow too close to the edge. Once you drop in an iced cube, your water will retract.