Two friends cheers their mugs of hot chocolate on Christmas.
These Boozy Hot Chocolate Bomb Recipes On TikTok Are Simply Mugnificent

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Hot chocolate bombs have taken over this holiday season. So, move over spiked eggnog and hot toddies, because boozy hot chocolate bomb recipes on TikTok have arrived if you're 21 or over. Whether you managed to snag some hot cocoa bombs before they sold out or you plan on making your own at home, TikTok is here with spiked recipes that will make your Christmas spirits even brighter.

This holiday season, don't simply scroll through TikTok video how-to's, because it's so much more rum to try them. Become the bartender at your housemate holiday party by making boozy hot chocolate bomb drinks and serving them in festive mugs. Be sure to have fun garnishes on hand, like candy canes and snowman marshmallows. You can even get creative and make hot chocolate bombs to mail to your besties, so everyone has something to enjoy during your Zoom holiday happy hour.

'Tis the season for something delicious, and if boozy hot chocolate sounds mugnificent, try any of these eight boozy TikTok hot cocoa bomb recipes. They'll warm your heart and spread the jolly goodness on your feed.

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Baileys Irish Cream Bombs

A traditional hot cocoa bomb is made with a silicone mold ($5, Amazon), melted chocolate, and hot cocoa mix inside. Once you've nailed down the OG recipe, that's when you can add the alcohol for a boozy treat.

One way to insert your booze is by poking two holes into the cocoa bomb with a flavor injector ($5, Walmart). This specific Baileys Irish Cream recipe inserts a mix of Baileys and hot chocolate mix with extra melted chocolate to cover the holes. Decorate your cocoa bomb with green sprinkles to make it glisten.

Kahlúa Mudslide Bomb

If Kahlúa is your go-to sweet spirit, consider making Kahlúa mudslide bombs. Simply add one shot of Kahlúa to your warm milk and pour over your hot chocolate bomb.

Chocolate Cherry Bomb

Make yourself a chocolate cherry bomb with spiked cherries. Either purchase alcohol-infused cherries ($9, Shenango Beverage) or make your own at home. Then, add a boozy cherry to your bomb before sealing shut. It can be the cherry on top of your hot chocolate.

Boozy Coffee Hot Chocolate Bombs

If you can't decide between hot chocolate or coffee, don't. You can enjoy both with this boozy coffee hot chocolate bomb by using coffee instead of warm milk. Then, add a shot of Baileys to make it boozy, and get ready for all the coffeels you're about to experience.

Baileys Surprise Hot Chocolate Bomb

Put a shot of Baileys into your cocoa bomb before sealing it. This Baileys hot chocolate bomb recipe will be a real surprise when it opens up to reveal the creamy shot. Take inspiration from this video and add some festive sprinkles on top with drizzled chocolate ($12, Fancy Sprinkles).

Peppermint RumChata Bomb

A peppermint hot chocolate is the way to go this time of year, and you can make it a boozy one by adding some Peppermint Bark RumChata ($23, Total Wine & More). Follow along with this peppermint hot chocolate bomb recipe, then take a cue from the caption on this TikTok duet that suggests adding some Peppermint RumChata. That's the beauty of TikTok — bringing good ideas together.

Spiked Grinch Hot Chocolate

Let's be honest: The Grinch would probably prefer a boozy cocoa bomb this time of year. Make yourself a very green, Grinch hot chocolate bomb, and then follow this TikTok recipe to add in some RumChata. Your heart will definitely grow three sizes with your first sip.

Injected Hot Chocolate Bomb

This TikTok video shows a white chocolate bomb with a heart-shaped plastic pipette ($4, Amazon) inserted. Fill up your pipettes with your booze of choice.