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Try These Christmas Baking TikToks To Totally Impress The Santa In Your Life

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It's the most wonderful and tastiest time of the year. You've been quite busy in the kitchen making hot chocolate bombs, baking an assortment of Christmas cookies, and documenting all the festive fun on TikTok. If you're in need of some more inspo, these Christmas baking TikToks will not only fill your space with the sweet aroma of the holidays, but they'll also totally impress the Santa in your life.

Your followers will be amazed when you show off your baked goodies in a fun-filled video. Your Christmas tree meringues will be total snow-stoppers that'll make everyone drool. When you pull out your cupcake wreath, you'll be applauded for your creativity. Or, wow your virtual crowd with a candy cane-shaped danish. You won't be able to resist creating a sweet video for TikTok, just as you won't be able to resist taking another bite. These Christmas baking TikToks will bake your followers and the Santa in your life hungry for more of your confections.

The frosting on top? Baking is the perfect festive activity you can fill your evenings with. You can grab your Santa and make a sweet treat together. Or, challenge them to a bake-off and let TikTok declare a winner. Any one of these Christmas baking TikToks will be a a total joy to make.

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These Christmas Tree Cookies Are Almost Too Pretty To Eat

Instead of making traditional sugar cookies, whip up these TikTok Christmas tree cookies that'll make your Santa smile. You'll need a maple leaf cookie cutter ($6, Amazon) to shape your dough, but the other ingredients are things you likely already have on hand, making this an easy-to-follow recipe.

This Cherry Danish Is As Sweet As A Candy Cane

Candy canes are a staple when it comes to Christmas sweets, which makes this cherry and cheese danish a playful spin on the classic. Your Christmas table will look merry and bright when you set down your red striped candy cane.

To make this treat, you'll need cream cheese, sugar, vanilla and almond extract, cherry pie filling, and Pillsbury crescent dough ($2, Target).

This Cupcake Wreath Is Snow Very Cute

You can really stun your followers with this cupcake wreath recipe. Make your favorite cupcakes, but arrange them around a bowl to form a wide circle. Then, use green frosting to decorate them, and add touches of red and white frosting to design your cupcake wreath.

These Little Christmas Trees Are Simply To Pine For

For a Christmas dessert that's sure to please the Santa in your life, these Christmas tree meringues are a great go-to. Once you have the meringue recipe of your choice, simply add green food coloring, and pipe onto a baking sheet. You can even top off your trees with sprinkles to look like Christmas lights.

These Snowman Cookies Will Melt In Your Mouth

These snow adorable snowman cookies are just as fun baking as they are eating. They're sure to make your followers swoon when you post a baking TikTok. You can add a fun caption to top it off, like "It's that Frosty time of year."

These Cinnamon Rolls Are Tree-licious

These cinnamon rolls shaped like trees are a whimsical and festive twist on the classic. All you need in order to whip up this delight is Pillsbury Grands! cinnamon roll dough ($5, Target) so you can unravel it into tree shapes. Then, add green food coloring to the icing, and don't forget the sprinkles.

This Boozy Peppermint Bark Is So Spirited

If you're 21 or up, you can get you and your Santa in the holiday spirit by making this alcoholic peppermint bark with crushed Oreos and candy canes. Melt some chocolate into a sheet pan, crunch up your Oreos, and add a dash of the peppermint twist Smirnoff ($1, House Of Wine) to the chocolate. Then, top your treat with frosting and crumbled candy canes.

This Clementine Drizzle Cake Looks Super Impressive

This clementine drizzle cake will seriously impress your feed and the Santa in your life. It's such an elegant dessert that you'll need to document the entire baking process on TikTok. Then, enjoy digging into this citrusy treat.

This Red And White Striped Cake Has A Christmas Twist

The TikTok for this candy cane striped cake is mesmerizing to watch, and it has a surprise layer of Oreos inside. Have fun swirling the red and white colors together and piping the top with even more white frosting for presentation.

These Red Velvet Cookies Are Covered In Powdered Sugar

Santa might leave you an extra gift this year after tasting one of your red velvet cookies, because that's how good they are. These decadent cookies are covered in powdered sugar that looks like freshly-fallen snow.

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