A young Black woman smiles while crafting gifts for the holidays and drinking tea.
These TikTok Thriftmas Videos Have DIY Gift Ideas For Every Last-Minute Shopper

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2020 has been the year of getting crafty at home. In fact, during quarantine, you may have spent many months repurposing items that were tucked into closets for gifts, decor, or loungewear looks. Now, these TikTok thriftmas videos are here to show you how to put together the cutest last-minute presents and get your DIY on.

The best part? They don't even require you going to the store to pick up extra supplies like paint, wood, or brushes. Instead, they're encouraging you to repurpose items such as empty paper towel rolls, yarn, and old books to create something merry and bright. Some of these handmade items will require a bit of time to make, which is important to note. However, with a little bit of Christmas music and the aroma of a holiday candle, these TikTok thriftmas DIY projects will actually make for a really festive afternoon. (You may even decide to post your craft on TikTok using the "duet" feature.)

To get started, you can either download the TikTok app and search for a fun craft under the hashtag #thriftmas. Or, you can peruse the videos we've collected for some major gift creating inspo. Christmas is quickly approaching, so we've found all the cutest DIY gift ideas on TikTok for you to recreate. They'll be so affordable and easy to put together.

These Adorable Gnomes Made Out A Paper Towel Roll

Is there anything cuter than a Christmas gnome? It's certainly hard to be more adorable than these little buddies made out of yarn and a paper towel roll. To make them, you'll simply need a book, an empty roll, and two colors of yarn. You can also apply a nose using a bead or a button, as this TikTok crafter shows in their video.

A Wall Hanging With An Outdoorsy And Boho Vibe

Since everybody is spending more time at home these days, a gift that can be hung up on someone's wall is a great idea. You can use this TikTok craft for inspo, as it turns a stick and some sprigs from a tree into an outdoorsy and boho wall hanging.

To make this idea your own, print out some pictures to hang off of it instead. You can even print out the calendar months of 2021, and hang the pages off the branch for a unique daily planner.

A Drink Kit, Complete With Unique Mugs

During the holidays, most people have a go-to drink they enjoy sipping on cold mornings, like hot chocolate or coffee with a little caramel swirl. Find out what beverage the person on your list enjoys, and use this DIY item to create a gift they'll use and adore.

You'll need a couple of unique mugs from your kitchen cabinets — that you're willing to part with — as well as a packet of hot cocoa, coffee, or tea bags. Tie ribbons around the mug handles to jazz up your gift for the holidays.

A Magnetic Garden That Turns Shot Glasses Into Pots

The plant parent in your family or friend group is probably always looking for new ways to incorporate plants into their home. So, if you're looking for a DIY gift, look no further than this magnetic garden idea transforms shot glasses into super tiny pots that stick on someone's refrigerator.

You'll need to gather up some shot glasses first, and attach a small magnet to each one of them. Then, add sprigs of plants you have grown, and there you have it.

A Set Of Marbled Candlesticks That Are So Luxe

Add another set of candles to your family member or friend's ongoing collection with these marbled candlesticks. To make them, you need need to put some acrylic paint and water in a bucket you don't mind getting dirty. Mix it together as well as you can, and then dip a candlestick into the mixture.

Let the candlesticks dry before wrapping them up and giving them away. (The user also notes in the comments to not use spray paint as a substitute for acrylic paint, as it can be toxic once burned.)

A Map That's Been Framed And Marked With Destinations

You may really miss traveling with your favorite person, so give them a gift that lets them reminisce on where you've been and where you're going together. This gift just requires you to glue a map to a firm surface, and then use tacks or fun pins to locate certain destinations.

Pro tip: Put the map in a frame so your person can hang it on their wall and update it whenever they'd like. They'll love having this piece in the background of their WFH meetings.

These Tubes Of Reindeer Food

Are you a "cool aunt" who gets to gift a little niece or nephew a holiday present every year? If so, this DIY craft is meant for you. It's school-aged kid-friendly and easy to put together. You just need an empty roll of toiler paper, oats or bird seed, and string. After sealing up the tubes. You can then add decorations like leaves or little sprigs of an evergreen tree, and a handwritten label that says, "Reindeer food."