A cool gift guide for teens in 2020 includes a puffer jacket, Air Jordan 1s, a chunky gold ring, a p...
10 Cool Gifts That Gen Zers Have On Their TikTok Wishlists

Aritzia // Mejuri // Casetify // Nike // Walmart // Glossier

Gen Z has spoken, and the holiday gifts they're wishing for fall under four major categories: comfy, luxurious, vintage, and tech. Although you can't go wrong with a holiday candle or cute mug, if you're shopping for a teen this year, you'll be the coolest gift giver if you stick to these cool gifts for teens, according to Gen Zers on TikTok.

Using hashtags like #christmaswishlist2020, Gen Zers on TikTok have created a ton of trendy videos, detailing items like expensive blow dryers, jackets, and chunky rings that teens want to find under their Christmas tree. If you're wondering if disposable cameras are still in, or what brands to shop right now for your younger sibling, cousin, or friend, simply search the hashtags to instantly find your answer.

Now, with new deals dropping every minute and hot items like sneakers and Gucci slides quickly selling out, you don't need to spend a lot of time scrolling through TikTok. We've done the scrolling for you and gathered up the coolest items to get a teen. You'll likely be surprised that certain gadgets and gizmos didn't make this list. Don't fret, because Gen Zers have spoken on TikTok and this is what they're wishing for.

We only include products that have been independently selected by Elite Daily's editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

A Puffer Jacket

A teen would love to add a few items to their closet this winter. But, at the top of their list is a puffer jacket ($250, Aritzia) that they can pair with a cute athleisure look, or wide-leg jeans. This puffer comes in up to 66 different colors and 7 different types of fabrics. It's pretty easy to find the perfect match for the person on your list.

A Chunky Gold Ring

Your teen has likely already stocked up on accessories like face masks and beanies, so turn your focus to this chunky gold ring ($75, Mejuri) during the holidays. It's bound to be a staple on their accessory tray, as it can complement a graphic T-shirt, vintage sweater, or flowy dress. It also looks like a beautiful croissant, which is certainly going to make any Emily in Paris fan squeal.

A Pair Of Air Jordan 1s

Next to Crocs, Air Jordan 1s ($115, Nike) are making an appearance all over TikTok right now. They are the exclusive-looking sneaker every teen wants to rock on their own TikTok. Of course, the teen on your list may already own similar-looking shoes, such as a pair of Air Force 1s. But, these are more of a high-top style, and come in futuristic color palettes that can't be beat.

Futuredew From Glossier

When it comes to makeup and skincare, teens are all about the latest products from Glossier. The Futuredew ($24, Glossier) is a serum hybrid that, when applied, gives your skin a tropical, dewy look, which doesn't fade by the end of the day. It's made with plant-based extracts.

A Pack Of Disposable Cameras

2020 hasn't been filled with as many adventures as you or the teen on your list has planned for. But, disposable cameras ($25, Walmart) are back, and they are at the top of teens' wishlists. Teens just want to capture every moment of life — from the chill breakfasts they have, to the days they spend exploring. This gift lets them do just that.

The Revlon Salon Hair Dryer And Volumizer

If the teen on your list loves everything related to hair and makeup, then you should snag them this hair dryer and volumizer ($46, Target). It's quite the product, as it can give the teen on your list a salon-level 'do without having to actually go to the salon. Granted, there is a learning curve with it. But, once they learn techniques via TikTok, they will be good to go.

A Comfy Top From Garage

Comfort is key for every teen, and this tie-front tee ($25, Garage) is a must-have for the person on your wish list. It's soft and simple, and can be styled in many ways to fit the #mood the teen on your list is in. (Let's be honest: We all love the versatile pieces in our closet the most.)

A Funky Phone Case

Snagging a new phone case ($60, Casetify) for the teen you're buying for is always a good idea. This holiday season, though, if you're shopping for one, be sure to think of the word "funky." Get a case covered in smiley faces, or leopards that look like they're giving the side eye.


Whether the teen on your list loves to work out, or listens to podcasts on the reg, you may want to get them a pair of AirPods ($130, Best Buy) and a cute case to store them in. This tech gift has honestly been a hit with teens since they were first released, and has made teens' lives a lot easier as they can simply sync the "pods" to their phone for hands-free listening. There are multiple versions of AirPods on the market now, so be sure to get the most recent version.

A Vintage-Looking Crewneck

Thanks to social media stars like Emma Chamberlain, teens are all about vintage-looking clothes, like this crewneck ($55, Urban Outfitters). They may snag their favorite pieces at a thrift store, which you can also peruse in the spirit of the holidays and the perfect gift. However, if you're running low on time or simply need an item that's tried and true, look no further than this sweatshirt from Urban Outfitters.