A TikTok-inspired gift guide consists of white crocs, a karaoke microphone, and a collaboration tee ...
This TikTok-Inspired Gift Guide Is Made #ForYou & Your Trendy BFFs

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Nobody sets trends or makes products go viral like TikTok users. This app is truly a hub for the latest in fashion, tech, cooking, and even crafty ways to re-decorate your room in quarantine. And whether you learned "The Renegade" with your BFF this year, or just avidly watched videos from social media stars like Charli and Dixie D'Amelio, you have to shop this TikTok-inspired gift guide.

The most wonderful time of the year is the perfect time to snag a friend one of these TikTok-inspired gifts. That might include a ring light they can dance in front of, or the Telfar shopping bag they've had their eye on. It's the best time to grab cookware from Le Creuset or the iconic Always Pan from Our Place if you adore "cooking TikTok" and frequently search the app for new recipes to try. Of course, if you'd like to show some of your favorite celebrity users support, there are a ton of collaborations and new brands you can add to your cart — including a rich holiday blend from Emma Chamberlain's coffee biz.

The possibilities are endless, because the trends on TikTok are endless. To make your shopping a bit easier, we gathered up a bunch of TikTok-inspired gifts that are made #ForYou and your BFFs. In the spirit of the holidays, snag something that's Internet-approved.

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A Limited Edition Tee Made By Charli And Dixie D'Amelio

Start your shopping with this limited-edition tee ($30, Hollister Co.) that's made in collaboration with Charli and Dixie D'Amelio. This sister duo has gained millions of followers in 2020, and this tee sends positivity and good vibes to their fans. You can shop it in black or pink, or both if you'd like to match with your BFF.

A Bag Of Chamberlain Coffee's Holiday Blend

Chamberlain Coffee was re-introduced to the world in Sept. 2020, and now features the most adorable animals and tasty, fair-trade blends. If your BFF frequently listens to Anything Goes by Emma Chamberlain, then you'll want to grab them a bag of this special holiday coffee ($20, Chamberlain Coffee). It comes as whole beans or fresh grounds.

The What Do You Meme Game, But TikTok Edition

How many times have you and your BFF referred to Brittany Broski, aka "Kombucha Girl," in conversation? Odds are, the meme has come up once or twice in your ongoing chat. Add this TikTok-inspired game to your cart for laughs and smiles. This version of What Do You Meme ($25, Urban Outfitters) includes videos you refer to, and then some.

An 'Among Us' Crewneck Or Tee In The Color You Choose

On an average day in 2020, you likely wake up and see at least one gamer on TikTok talking about Among Us. Your BFF, who's always acting a little "sus," will love recording TikToks and streaming in one of these crewnecks or tees ($25, Etsy). So, pick out a character color and add one to your cart ASAP.

The Latest Version Of 'Just Dance' For Nintendo Switch

When quarantine first started, you may have spent a lot of time learning new and viral dances on TikTok. Put your new skills to the test with Just Dance 2021 for Nintendo Switch ($30, GameStop). This game is bound to show up on your feed, as users tackle popular songs by Doja Cat, Dua Lipa, and Billie Eilish.

The Reversible Octopus That Shows Off Your Mood

This reversible octopus ($15, Amazon) is all over TikTok, and rightfully so. It's the perfect way to show off your #mood, without saying even a single word. Essentially, it flips between happy or mad, and is available in many different colors. It would be a great gift for a BFF who loves things that are adorable and trendy.

A Strip Of Remote-Controlled LED Lights

During the holidays, the decorations come out. But, one piece of decor will likely stick in your BFFs room year-round: these LED lights ($10, Target). They're a staple in many TikTokers' rooms, since they can be changed via remote control. Not to mention, they create such a nice vibe for dancing videos and voiceovers.

The Official Carpool Karaoke Microphone

Sing your heart out on TikTok with this official carpool karaoke microphone ($71, Walmart). It not only looks Internet-worthy, but is also able to stream music via Bluetooth. You may have already spotted a few users jamming in their parked cars with this little number. Add yourself to the queue.

A Snuggly Squishmallow

Snuggling up at home this winter just got so much more fun and cute, thanks to TikTok. Squishmallows ($10, Squishmallows) — which are squishy stuffed animals inspired by unicorns, dragons, and octopuses — are here, and users are collecting them big time. Start you or your BFFs collection this holiday season.

A Pair Of White Crocs

Listen up: Crocs are in, and your closet needs a pair. So, snag these classic white shoes ($45, Crocs), along with a few charms. Get your BFF the same ones so you can match while recording TikTok dances. When it comes to gifting TikTok-inspired gifts, you've got to think, "One #ForYou, and one for me."