The blue salt Always Pan from Our Place sits on a dining room table with a kitchen towel underneath....

The Viral Always Pan From TikTok Will Ship Post-Christmas, So Order One ASAP

If you've found yourself on cooking TikTok, you've probably scrolled through a few videos on your "For You" page that feature the Always Pan. This best-selling item is known for being a super trendy, all-in-one pan that replaces eight traditional cookware items. If you're thinking this sounds too good to be true, you might also be asking yourself, "When will the viral Our Place Always Pan ship?" Well, according to their site, five of the six available colors of the Always Pan are available to purchase right now. The catch is, you'll need to wait till mid-February for them to ship.

That might seem like a long time to wait for this perfect cookware item, but this particular pan is definitely worth the wait. The Always Pan from Our Place gained attention for its ability to do almost everything. At first glance, it may look like an ordinary pan, but it actually has a bunch of features and accessories that allow you to braise, steam, strain, sauté, fry, and boil. The Always Pan comes with a modular lid, a nesting steamer basket and colander, and a beechwood spatula that fits perfectly on the pan like a puzzle piece.

The five colors available for purchase right now are spice, steam, char, sage, and blue salt. Currently, the lavender is sold out. If you do decide to purchase an Always Pan for yourself, choose a color that will perfectly match your kitchen aesthetic.

A 2021 ship date may seem like an inconvenience if you were planning on gifting someone an Always Pan for the holidays, but you can still wrap up a cute IOU hinting at their gift to come. You could even put together a box of cooking ingredients and items, such as sauces and matching spatulas, for them to use with their pan when it finally arrives.

Not only are these pans popular, but their incredible holiday deals have caused them to sell out quickly. For Cyber Monday, the Always Pan was available for $50 off , according to CNET. But you can still order it now for $145 for a mid-February ship date.

Despite missing out on this Cyber Monday special, the Always Pan is still an amazing deal, and you'll get free shipping and returns with any order from Our Place. Plus, with each purchase of the Always Pan, you have the option to add on their Spruce Steamers for $10 off upon checkout, at the time of this publication. The Spruce Streamers are handwoven stacking steamer baskets that make it super simple for you to make some amazing homemade dumplings in your Always Pan. The steamers will ship out early March.

That's if you order today. According to Our Place's guide in their FAQs, these shipping estimates are only for orders placed Nov. 27 through today. You may have missed your chance to get an Always Pan right in time for the holidays, but it's the thought that truly counts. Plus, knowing that you have the ultimate cookware on the way will make the joy of the holiday season last longer.