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10 Best Holiday Gifts For Ariana Grande Fans That'll Make Their Year Sweetener

Holiday gifting is fun in theory, but when it comes to finding the perfect gift for someone, it can be a nerve-racking task — especially if your loved one is extremely picky. However, if you have any Arianators in your life, you're in luck. This list of the 10 best holiday gifts for Ariana Grande fans is going to help you be alright. You'll be more than successful picking out their gift.

If you were thinking about stuffing their stocking with thigh-high socks, liquid eyeliner, ponytail holders, or anything from Grande's music catalog, I've got news for you: It's very likely they already have those items on deck. Luckily, this list is full of unique items, so you don't have to worry about presenting your lover, family member, or friend with something you'll later call a bad idea, forcing that Arianator to thank, u next your friendship.

In all seriousness, their reaction will probably be the opposite, because they appreciate you. But, if you're looking to truly impress the resident Ariana Grande stan in your life, so much so, they wrap you a big hug and rock you from side to side because they're so into you and your sweet gift, then please proceed.

1. "Thank U, Next" Face Mask

Grande loves a good face mask and, chances are, your Arianator is going to love it, too. They could sport it in any crowded space, like an Ariana Grande concert or an airplane. Holiday season is flu season, after all.

2. "Thank U, Next" Holiday Sweater

Grande is keen on oversized sweaters, so this pink, holiday sweater inspired by the Mean Girls "Jingle Bell Rock" scene from her "Thank U, Next" music video seems like the perfect Ariana stan-worthy gift. Don't forget to order up a size or two so your loved one can style the sweater just like Ari.

3. Ariana Grande Candle

If you and Ariantor have plans to get lit this holiday, LitWickShop's Saint Ariana Grande candle makes the perfect addition.

4. "Thank U, Next" Dad Hat

This hat from Bravado is the perfect cap for your Arianator dad to wear while recreating some of Ari's choreography with you. Though, just because it's a dad hat doesn't mean it's just for dads. Anyone can rock this cute cap.

5. Ariana Grande Coloring Book

If the Arianator in your life is the creative type, they may enjoy this cute Ariana Grande-inspired coloring book to pass the time.

6. "Dangerous Woman" Mug

A true Ariana Grande fan should enjoy their hot, holiday beverage in a mug, appropriately embossed with the name of one of her hits. This one features her 2016 hit "Dangerous Woman."

7. Ariana Grande Cookie Cutters

Add some sweetener to your Arianator bestie's holiday with Ariana Grande-shaped cookie cutters. Baking a few sweet treats with your BFF is a great Ariana-inspired way to spend some time together, too.

8. Ariana Grande Perfume Set

The Ariana Grande fan in your life can truly level-up their stan game by smelling like the pop star. Snag Grande's "Thank U, Next" perfume gift set for only $55.

9. Burn Book Socks

Everyone has that friend who is always cold. If they're an Arianator as well, this one is for them. As the temperature drops this season, I'm sure they would more than appreciate a pair of "Thank U, Next" burn book-inspired socks.

10. Pillow Covers

Prepare your BFF to have no more tears left to cry when you gift them these decorative pillow covers. They'll be able to simply say goodnight 'n go.