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TikTok's Artmas Videos Are The Christmas Crafts You Never Knew You Needed To DIY

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What can't you find on TikTok? The handy platform for all things crafts and DIY is here with more festive projects that'll add merry and bright finishing touches to your home. From candle centerpieces to mason jar snow globes, any of these TikTok artmas videos will be sure to deck your space with Christmas cheer.

Your TikTok followers will be so impressed to see your new tree-shaped centerpiece lit up brightly on your Christmas dinner table, and your housemates will be tree-lighted to dine in such a festive fashion. You can even give your bookshelf some holiday flair with a holly jolly book stack. Or, live out your cozy winter cabin dreams by making strands of mini beanie decorative garland. There are so many little spaces in your home that go unnoticed, but these TikTok artmas videos are sure to put every corner in the Christmas spotlight.

And the star on top of your tree? That would be you. These crafts are so innovative that when you show them off on your own TikTok or Instagram, your followers will see how much your creativity shines. Pair a snap of your new project with a witty caption that says, "DIY queen of the holidays." Then, get back to making even more of these fun crafts.

Your home will come to life with everything you make, and you'll have so much fun in the process. So, check out these TikTok artmas videos for a Christmasy home even Santa would envy.

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This Scented Pot Will Make Your Home Smell Like A Christmas Market

Make your home feel Christmasy all day long with a DIY holiday scent. This boiling pot of festive spices will fill your home with aromatic cheer. To recreate this amazing aroma, you'll need cranberries, cloves, star anise, cinnamon sticks, fresh ginger, tangerine halves, cranberry juice or apple cider, vanilla extract, and a sprig from your Christmas tree.

These Candle Christmas Trees Are So Magical

Grab your candlesticks, because it's time to give them a festive upgrade. Rather than lighting traditional Christmas-scented candles this year, why don't you recreate this TikTok DIY to turn them into trees?

Boil your candlesticks in warm water. Then, take a knife and peel back layers throughout the candle to mimic the layers of a tree. These candle trees will look so festive for your Christmas table centerpiece.

This Book Stack Is Just The Right Festive Touch

You'll want to clear your bedside table to make room for these cute DIY book stacks that are so festive. You can use old books you've already read or purchase a few mini ones ($14, Amazon), white paint ($2, Hobby Lobby), and ribbon. After you paint your books together, write your favorite holiday slogan on the spine to adorn your bookshelf or coffee table with a sweet new piece.

These Yarn Trees Have A Cozy Christmas Vibe

Put your leftover yarn to good use by making a DIY yarn tree. Or, get a few neutral-colored yarns ($3, Jo-Ann Fabrics) and spool your yarn around a styrofoam cone ($3, Michaels). Once you have all your materials, attach your yarn with a hot glue gun. Add as many embellishments as you'd like.

These fluffy Christmas trees will guarantee a white Christmas as you place them around your house.

These Christmas Houses Can Make An Entire Village

There's something so charming about decorative light-up Christmas houses and villages. This Christmas house DIY project makes this decor tradition budget-friendly by using only a few paper houses ($3, Etsy) and spray paint of your desired color. When your window shelves are lined with a tiny Christmas village, you'll feel right at home.

This Light-Up Wreath Will Bring Joy To The Holiday

You can never have enough wreaths with light-up messages, and this TikTok DIY wreath is especially #lit. You'll need a hoop ($2, Blick), battery-powered lights ($2, Michaels), and garland ties ($3, Target). Tape or a hot glue gun will also come in handy to secure your lights onto your wire hoop. You can get creative and spell out a joyful message of Christmas with your lights.

This Mason Jar Snow Globe Is Christmas In A Bottle

Snow globes are miniature jars of holiday magic. Now, you can make your own Christmas charm by DIY-ing your own TikTok snow globe. Take an old mason jar and fill it with salt to look like snow. Then, personalize your snow globe by adding festive embellishments. For example, you can add photos of you and the squad or something that resembles your favorite place to spend the holidays.

This Christmas Countdown Clock Is Santa-riffic

Counting down to Christmas will never get old. If you love the tradition, build a TikTok Santa Christmas clock. Grab a Santa sign ($9, Current Catalog), two Rubik's Cubes ($3, Beys and Bricks), red paint ($1, Target), and two small blocks of wood ($1, Etsy).

Paint the Rubik's Cubes red, and write numbers onto each face. Then, paint the wood pieces and glue them onto the sign. You can hang your Santa on the wall for cute decor, or lean it on your bedside table.

These Paper Snowflakes Are An Ice Touch

The brown paper bags in this TikTok snowflake DIY will give your living space a farmhouse feel. To make these snowflakes, you'll need brown paper lunch bags ($2, Amazon), a hot glue gun ($3, Michaels), and scissors.

Draw a "T" down the length of a bag with your glue. Repeat with seven bags, cut out your favorite snowflake design, unravel, and secure with even more glue. You can add some string to hang them over your Christmas dinner table, or simply prop them up on your mantel.

This Mini Winter Beanie Garland Is Just Too Cute

Transform your empty wrapping paper rolls into strings of mini winter beanie garland. Using yarn ($3, Hobbii), wrap pieces of them around your wrapping paper rolls and stuff a cotton ball inside to form a round beanie-like shape. Create a garland by stringing another yarn or piece of string through each of them.