A group of women laugh while filming a snow day TikTok on a rooftop at golden hour.
These Snow Day TikToks Will Be Snow Ballin' On The #ForYou Page & Your Feed

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Getting snowed in for the day is pretty amazing when entertaining apps like TikTok exist. You could sit on the couch with a pair of slippers on and scroll through your #ForYou page for hours. Of course, you could also film these snow day TikToks that'll look so ice on your feed and rack in the likes from your followers, friends, and fellow TikTok lovers.

Some snow day TikToks wouldn't require you to go farther than your couch, where you may be watching a holiday movie that was just released, or reading a funny novel. Others will encourage you to put on your favorite beanie, fluffy coat, and pair of mittens, and play around in the snow like you're a kid again. You may need to build an epic fort and give a tour of it, come up with a new dance where you blow snowflakes into the camera at the end, or snow off your favorite winter #looks from your closet while chilling in your backyard.

The possibilities are endless, and you'll want to take some time to find the perfect audio to match your video's vibes. If you're filming a scene inside, a track off of Taylor Swift's evermore album would be a great fit, while an outdoor one may pair nicely with a remix of "Jingle Bell Rock" by Bobby Helms. One thing is for sure, though: no matter which of these snow day TikToks you choose to film, it's sure to look ice on the #ForYou page and your feed.

Round Up Your Favorite Winter Outfits
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Winter outfits are all about sweaters, jeans, and boots. On your snow day, take some time to show them off, and give other people some #inspo for how they can style the pieces in their own closet. Along to the beat of your audio clip, change into different looks featuring graphic tees, long coats, and even cozy, fuzzy slippers that you wear when you're working at home.

Spice up this video by doing your hair and makeup different for each clip, and filming it outside under a snow-covered tree.

Give A Tour Of A Snow Fort

When you were a kid, you and your siblings may have built an elaborate snow fort on every snow day. Recreate those mems with your roommates by creating an epic fort in your front or back yard. Decorate your "rooms" with garland or jingle bells, or mold a couch out of snow, and pretend like you're playing Animal Crossing while sitting on it.

Do so while one of your roommates gives a tour of the fort and all of its fine details. Make sure you include hashtags such as #housetour, so your fort shows up on #ForYou pages next to dreamy apartments, cabins, and hotel rooms.

Make A List Of Movies To Watch On A Snow Day

Some of us don't like going outside on snow days, and that's OK. Instead of bundling up to film a TikTok in your backyard, you can put on a cute pair of pajamas and make a list of your go-to snow day movies. Simply set up your phone so that it's facing your Christmas tree, coffee station, or TV screen.

Then, stand in front of the camera and point to different spots on either side of you. When editing, add the movie title text to the spots you're pointing at, to give your followers a full list of ideas to watch that bring on all the snow day vibes.

Vlog Your Ideal Winter Afternoon

What does your ideal winter afternoon look like? Odds are, it includes a cup of warm coffee or tea, a good book, and playing with your dog. On your snow day, plan to do everything you'd want to on a snowy day off, and vlog bits and pieces of it as you go. Capture the water hitting your tea bag or adding the whipped cream to your hot cocoa, and the title screen of a movie like The Holiday.

Piece the clips together, and then put them to a laidback song or voiceover where you're describing what you're doing.

Go Behind-The-Scenes Of A Chilly Photoshoot
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Every once in a while, a video may pop up on your #ForYou page that show the behind-the-scenes of a photoshoot. These vids wrap up with the user showing the final, edited shots.

Try to make one of these videos for yourself by planning and executing a chilly photoshoot in your backyard. It can be as simple as posing with your dog while they explore the snow, and as extravagant as looking into a mirror on a snowy, cold afternoon. Show your followers how the scene went from a little basic to totally out of this world.

Lend Your Best Shoveling Hacks

This time of the year, everybody could use some shoveling tips and tricks. Especially if your city got over a foot of snow, it can be a lot to dig your car out or clear your sidewalk. So, lend and show your best hacks while filming a TikTok. Let viewers see you execute each so they can properly recreate your hack at home.

Recreate The Snowball Fight Scene From 'Elf'

The snowball fight scene from Elf is arguably one of the best in the entire movie. It's when Buddy the Elf notably says, "Son of a nutcracker!" and then throws snowballs at record speed. Try to recreate this scene during your snow day while wearing an elf hat much like Buddy's. Show yourself throwing snowballs. Speed up certain clips within the app to make them look exactly like the movie.

Cook A Homemade Soup Or Stew
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Snow days call for cozy snacks and meals. If you're an avid fan and watcher of cooking TikTok, then bring a recipe to life such as a homemade soup or stew. Give your followers and friends a breakdown of the steps, the ingredients, and the brands you're always buying from the grocery store.

Turn this TikTok video idea into a full series by filming another video where you show the final results, or side dishes you can make to go along with your main course.