Two mugs of hot chocolate with snowman marshmallows are placed on a festive tray.
12 TikTok Holiday Drinks That Santa Would So Trade His Milk For

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It's the most wonderful time of the year for getting cozy at home. Before you chill by the fireplace and queue up holiday flicks, mix up the trendiest TikTok holiday drinks to truly get into the Christmas spirit. TikTok is not only great for scrolling through while you're all wrapped up in your fleece blanket, but it's also a solid resource to make your holidays at home extra special. It's an outlet where you can find gift wrapping hacks and holiday dance challenges, as well as delicious Christmas cocktails that are the definition of Instagram-worthy.

Even if you consider yourself a novice when it comes to mixing up cool cocktails, TikTok has the power to make you feel like a real mixologist. In a quick and easy-to-follow video, you can put together a cute themed drink with ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. With these TikTok holiday drink tutorials, you'll be mixing together a festive sangria for your virtual office holiday party, or a Grinch-inspired hot chocolate for your housemate movie night.

There are Moscow mules and margaritas with a festive spin, and vibrant drinks that pop with Christmas colors, too. With a simple search, you can find so many recipes you'll want to try all season long, so what are you waiting for? If you're 21 or up, try making any of these 12 holiday drinks on TikTok right now.

Spiked Grinch Hot Chocolate

It's time to drink up, Grinches, because this spiked Grinch hot chocolate from Freeform is something you don't want to miss out on. This tasty, colorful AF drink will keep the cozy vibes strong and have your heart growing three sizes with love. Make some Grinch drinks to enjoy while you watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Christmas Ornament Drink

Talk about Insta-worthy. Christmas ornament drinks are perfect for celebrating the holidays with your housemates. Get yourself some clear plastic ornaments ($10, Michaels) to pour your vodka cranberry drinks into. Then, place them in a glass with sugar-covered cranberries and mint leaves. They'll be ready for serving, and when it's time to drink, you can simply pour your cocktail from the ornament into the glass.

Cranberry Prosecco Cocktail

If you're looking for a Christmas brunch sip, look no further than this cranberry Prosecco cocktail. Pour a bit of cranberry juice and triple sec into a champagne glass, and then fill the rest up with Prosecco. It'll be like a holiday version of a mimosa that'll look picture-perfect next to a stack of red and green waffles.

Holiday Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule fans will enjoy this festive version that's bright red, just like Rudolph's nose. The Holiday Moscow Mule has vodka, cranberry juice, ginger beer, lime, and frozen cranberries and will look amazing in a green Moscow Mule mug ($22, Amazon).

Rudolph's Sangria

Did you get a bottle of red wine for Christmas? Well, wine not enjoy it right away by making your very own Rudolph Christmas sangria? This recipe calls for apples, oranges, and cranberries mixed with cranberry juice, pomegranate juice, and Grand Marnier. Stir in your cabernet, and you're ready to sip in festive fashion.

The Grinch

Another holiday drink that'll have your friends and Insta followers green with envy is this cocktail that's called The Grinch. The Midori in this recipe gives it that iconic bright green color that resembles everyone's favorite Who.

Candy Cane Gin Drink

It's beginning to look a lot like cocktails. A drink that's peppermint for candy cane lovers is this Candy Cane Gin cocktail. This three-ingredient recipe is easy to make with candy cane gin, Robinsons Fruit Cordials Crushed Lime and Mint, and ginger ale. You'll be sippin' and singing your fave holiday songs in no time.

Santa Sangria

It's the most winederful time of the year, especially if you're sippin' Santa Sangrias at home with your housemates. You'll need a few ingredients for this one, like rum, rosé, lime juice, cranberry-raspberry juice, pineapple juice, and 7-Up. When everything's mixed together — with some strawberries — you'll have a super cute and colorful cocktail that Santa will be asking for instead of milk.

Sugar Cookie Martini

Santa's not the only one who gets to enjoy cookies this time of the year. Mix up this Sugar Cookie Martini from TikTok that has vanilla vodka, amaretto, and Baileys in it. Don't forget your favorite milk, because after all, you can't have cookies without some milk.

Jack Frosties

If you're tired of the red and green, try this Jack Frosties recipe for a vibrant blue drink. The Blue Curaçao is what gives this cocktail its seriously cool color. Add some sugar to the rim to make it look like your drink has icicles all around it.

Boozy Hot Chocolate

While hot chocolate bombs are the hottest TikTok trend, a batch of boozy hot cocoa is always welcome to join the festivities, too. Add some hot fudge and crushed-up candy canes to the rim for a drink that's truly picture-perfect.

Christmas Cranberry Margarita

If your go-to drink is a margarita, try this festive spin for the holidays. The Christmas Cranberry Margarita is like a traditional margarita, but with cranberries that give it a seasonal color. Garnish your glass with rosemary and sugar-covered cranberries for a cocktail that's almost to pretty to drink.