A couple roll out a new rug in their living room after being inspired by TikTok rug tufting videos
DIY Rugs Is One Of The Best TikTok Trends Right Now & You Can Easily Make 'em Too

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Now that it's peak cozy season, you need a home that can be a comfy place for you to lounge in. You can easily make your home fit for snuggle weather with a fuzzy new rug to tie your space together. But, rather than buying one, why don't you make one? TikTok, the hub of all things crafty and trendy, has all the rug inspo you need to redesign your living space. With these rug tufting videos on TikTok, you can DIY a unique piece to make your home feel more you.

Rug tufting is a method of hand-making rugs by sewing yarn onto a cloth. You can do this with either a punch needle ($6, Hobby Lobby) or tufting gun ($275, Tuft The World), tufting cloth ($8, Etsy), and the yarn of your choice. Depending on the TikTok you recreate, you might need a projector ($29, Amazon) to trace the design, a printer, or you can opt for freehand work.

You can tuft an abstract art piece that all your followers will swoon over when you show it off on the 'gram. Or, you can make a rug in the shape of your favorite artist or cartoon character. Whichever rug tufting TikTok video you choose to recreate, your room will be transformed into a whole new space. And the best part? Rug tufting is a relaxing way to spend your afternoons, as you tuft away in front of your favorite film or album.

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This TikTok Rug Is A Sneaky Way To Spruce Up Your Space

This rug tufting video is so #hypebeast. Recreate your favorite pair of sneakers or your trusty go-to Converses to make your space cool AF. You can trace the pattern of your sneaker from a photo online and go over it with your tufting gun. Your 'gram is going to go nuts over how snazzy your room is.

This Patterned Rug Is Fresh And Funky

This rug tufting video on TikTok shows you how to make a cow-patterned rug. This pattern is perfect for doing a large-scale rug, as you can freestyle the pattern by hand. To make this design, you'll need your monk cloth ($14, Etsy), punch needle, and, of course, your yarn. Soon, you'll funk up your space with a cozy new addition.

This Quote Rug Is The Perfect Welcome Mat

Make your favorite quote or lyric come to life with this rug on TikTok. You can use an embroidery frame ($2, Michaels) and a punch needle to trace out your chosen phrase. This rug is customizable, so you can really play around with the shape and words, like in this TikTok video, for a unique design to greet all your guests into your space.

This Murakami Rug Screams "Flower Power"

To give your room an extra dose of cuteness, recreate this rug on TikTok. You can draw inspiration from your favorite contemporary artist, like Takashi Murakami. Or, find a floral design you love and trace your chosen flower onto your monk cloth. Then, fill the lines inside with your tufting gun. These floral additions to your room are sure to invite a little of the outdoors inside.

This TikTok Rug Is Such A Throwback

You can make your childhood come to life with this rug tufting TikTok video featuring a Cartoon Network favorite. Throw it back to your favorite cartoons and characters and give them some space in your room. You're sure to feel playful and nostalgic every time you look down and see your childhood friend smiling back at you.

This Rug Tufting Video Is Like Music For Your Eyes

Pay an homage to the album that got you through all your tough times after watching this rug making video. You can trace the album cover or a name of your go-to song to liven up your space. When you show it off on your Insta, your followers will be begging you for another hand-crafted original for their own rooms.

This TikTok Rug Will Get Your Room In Shape

Instead of making traditional circular or rectangular rugs, follow this TikTok and opt for a non-geometric-shaped rug. You can really make your room stand out with an amoeba-shaped rug in a funky pattern. Match your distinctive piece with a loud color scheme to really make it pop. You can finish off your rug by coating it in glue or adhesive spray ($12, Home Depot) to make sure it's set.

This Landscape Rug Will Transport You Away

This rug tufting TikTok video is full of abstract landscapes that are sure to create a picture-perfect room. Pick out your favorite travel destination or draw the skyline of your city to tuft to life. Your new rug will land you a round of applause when you snap a photo of it on your Instagram.

This Designer Rug Is So Luxurious

Bring some luxury to your room with a designer-inspired rug. You can make your home feel like a lavish hotel by recreating the Comme des Garçons heart or the Louis Vuitton logo. Whichever high-end brand you go with, you can hang your rug on the wall for an Insta-worthy photo backdrop.

This Rug For Pets Is So Purr-fect

Your furry friends need a cozy place to rest too. Get inspired to create a special place for them after watching this rug making TikTok video. Your loyal pets are going to pawsitively love their new nap spot.

This Mushroom Rug Has Big Cottagecore Vibes

To give your room that final cottagecore touch you've been dreaming about, follow this rug tufting TikTok video to make your room a bit more earthy. These rugs are sure to match all your greenery and floral-decorated space. Plus, your rug will make your home extra cozy, which a cottagecore room can never have too much of.

This Foodie-Inspired Rug Is A Yummy Kitchen Staple

Pair your next avocado toast with a matching rug. This rug tufting video on TikTok creates a cute avocado that will look right at home in your kitchen. Trace your favorite fruit or meal on a monk cloth to show off your skillet rug tufting.