A room is decked out in fluffy clouds, fairy lights, and stars for a dreamy interior that looks like...
Here's How You Can Make A Cloud Wall From TikTok For The Room Of Your Dreams

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Your head will be in the clouds — quite literally — when you recreate one of the latest TikTok trends. While there's never a shortage of unique craft projects on TikTok, the one that's currently taking up everyone's feed is the cloud wall. To transform your space into a dreamy oasis, here's how to make the cloud wall from TikTok.

All you'll need in order to bring the sky vibes into your bedroom are a few simple craft supplies. Grab a poster board ($6, Staples), a hot glue gun ($3, Michael's), polyester fiber fill ($3, Walmart), and lights (which will depend on the tutorial you follow). Whether you decide to make your TikTok clouds cover your whole room, a corner, or just the ceiling, your space will be sure to look like a professional DIY queen's.

Once you're done crafting, it'll be time to show off your cloud wall room makeover on TikTok. As you kick back, relax, and float into a different realm, snap a selfie for the 'gram with a witty caption like, "Floating through the sky like..." Your followers are sure to be starstruck.

Any of these tutorials will show you how to make the cloud wall from TikTok right now. After all, the sky's the limit.

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This Cloud Wall Is Budget-Friendly

You can easily transform your space with this cloud wall tutorial. Not only is it super simple to create, but also very inexpensive. This TikToker is sure to inspire you to bring your own TikTok feed to new heights. Just remember to build your wall near an outlet so you can easily plug in your fairy lights whenever you please.

This 3D Cloud Project Is Truly Lit

This TikToker provides a tutorial on how to make a 3D cloud look for your room. It involves hot gluing polyester fiber fill onto a plastic container and adding an LED light inside the container to create an incredibly fluffy, illuminated cloud. You can opt for a minimal design by hanging just a few on the wall above your bed, or you can go all out and hang a bunch from your ceiling.

This Cloud's Different Colors Create A Total #Mood

You can really make your cloud come to life with an LED light kit ($18, Bonanza). The light strips and settings will make the cloud appear as though bolts of lighting are running through it with a pulsing glow. These colorful clouds will bring on some seriously cool #moods.

This Cloud Wall Has A Unique Greenery Design

Create a Jack and the Beanstalk vibe with this epic TikTok cloud wall with greenery that climbs right into the clouds. After you assemble your basic cloud wall, this look adds faux vines and leaves ($7, Amazon) through the cotton that'll remind you of Jack's beanstalk.

This Cloud Design Will Transport You To Your Own Galaxy

Rather than limiting your cloud to just a poster board, this TikTok cloud wall will have you putting polyester fiber fill right onto your walls over string lighting. You can create cloud frames around your doorway and closets, in addition to every wall in your room. Get ready to feel as though you're in your own personal galaxy.

This Cloud Wall Creates Abstract Patterns

For a truly unique cloud wall, follow this TikTok tutorial that uses LED color-changing light strips ($10, Target). Apply the strips to create abstract patterns on your walls. The vibrant colors will be the best kind of backdrop for your TikTok content.

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