A woman's hands stir a pink dough around in a bowl, in her kitchen.
Making Cloud Dough Will Be Your Latest Obsession, Thanks To These Cool TikTok Videos


From easy baking recipes to cool craft projects, you'll find a bunch of ideas for activities to do at home, simply by scrolling through your TikTok feed. The latest trend you'll be obsessed with is cloud dough. Although, you might be asking yourself, "How do I make cloud dough?" Or, more specifically, "What is cloud dough?"

If you're envisioning a Play-Doh-like substance that's shaped like a cloud, you'd be right on the money. This arts and crafts project will instantly make you feel nostalgic, and you only need two ingredients to make it happen: conditioner and cornstarch. You probably already have both in your home, so being able to play with your own cloud of fun is closer than you might think. All you need to do is stir together these two ingredients until you start to see the dough forming. If you'd like to make some colorful cloud dough, you'll also want to add food dye into the mix.

Once everything is mixed together, you'll have a nice fluffy ball of dough you can play with whenever your heart desires. Document the cloud dough making process on TikTok so you can share the fun with your friends. This is a great way to pass the time when you're chillin' at home and want to do something different. While making your cloud, stream your fave Disney movie, so the nostalgia will be dough very real.

This Pink Cloud Dough Is Such A Vibe

If you're all about pink vibes, mix in red food dye to obtain this light pink cloud dough. The more red coloring you add in, the brighter the color will be. Though, if you're trying to achieve a pale pink look, you'll only need a few drops, according to this TikTok video.

You Can Get Creative With Measurements

As this TikToker explains, you can really experiment with your measurements to get the cloud dough of your dreams. Start off with a half cup of cornstarch, and add the conditioner as you go. The video also mentions that the cloud dough itself smells amazing, thanks to the conditioner you use.

Spend Time Experimenting With Colors

Experiment with colors in the conditioner while you stream this TikTok video. As you mix, you'll begin to see how vibrant and bright your color will be. Add in some extra drops to get the shade you desire.

Start Off With These Measurements If You Need A Recipe

Cloud dough just might be the chillest of all DIY crafts you can make at home, because there's no set recipe with exact measurements. It's all about creating your desired texture. But, if you need a recipe to start off with, this TikTok video has just that.

Make Your Cloud Dough As Big Or Small As You'd Like

If you want to test out a small amount of cloud dough to kick things off, you can totally do that. This TikTok video shows that even the smallest ball is still super fun to play with. Plus, you don't have to use too much of your conditioner on it.

Make As Many Colors As You'd Like

If you have a variety of food dyes, you can make an assortment of cloud doughs, just like this TikTok user did. In different bowls, add in the different colors of your choosing, so you'll end up with one blue cloud dough, one green cloud dough, and so on.