A young woman smiles while listening to music and working from home.
Add These 10 Songs To Your WFH Playlist To Jam To Every Day

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When you're working from home, it might be difficult to stay focused all day long. There are just so many distractions nearby from food in your kitchen, to your bed in the next room, to your pup who is super happy you didn't leave for the day. It becomes essential that you have a WFH playlist on your phone filled with work from home songs you can jam to every day.

That way, when you hear certain tracks you may think, "Let's get this task done," or "I've got this." You're filled with inspiring ideas, and have a lot of motivation to do your best and not climb back into bed with your SO who's still snuggled up in the sheets. Instead, you're happily writing up reports, checking in with your co-workers via email, and completing the tasks you wrote down in your planner the day before.

The best part? That energy is coming from a bunch of songs you may or may not know the lyrics to, but fuels you just the same. Every beat, tone, or riff makes you feel on top of the world, even though you're chilling in your desk chair with your laptop. Here are the 10 songs you should add to your WFH playlist right now. Let the jams begin.

"The Internet" By Alexander 23

First things first: Log onto your laptop and queue up this track from Alexander 23. It perfectly describes what life is like in the digital age, and will keep you company while you type away at your assignments. Follow along with the lyric video if you want to learn the words, and also feel validated for having too many folders on your laptop screen.

"Habitual" By Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber might be the king of catchy tracks, and this one will definitely have you jammin' throughout the day. Whether you're in a routine of making coffee, going on your lunch break at noon, and signing off at 4 p.m., or not, it'll make working from home feel more comfortable. It'll get you in the habit of working in sweatpants and conquering every step of your career.

"The Man" By Taylor Swift

If you're in need of some serious motivation, look no further than this track from Taylor Swift. It reminds you to own your talents and power, and be fearless in everything you do. Don't forget to celebrate all of your victories — big and small — even if you're not in an office filled with co-workers.

"Look At Her Now" By Selena Gomez

Adjusting to the WFH life may have taken you a minute, but that's OK. You're crushing it now. You'll find a balance between taking breaks and tackling major projects. In a week or so, you'll be saying, "Look at me now!"

"How To Be Human" By Chelsea Cutler

Are you sitting at your laptop when you're working from home with wet hair from the shower and your cozy sweatpants on? Same. Embrace it, find your routine, and remember that a lot of people are in the same boat as you.

"No Shame" By 5 Seconds Of Summer

The rooms of your house might not be as colorful as the ones in the video for this track. But, the energetic beat and melody will speak to your soul while you're working from home.

"Adore You" By Harry Styles

If you're the kind of person who likes to sing along to the songs on your playlists, then this track by Harry Styles is definitely for you. It's catchy, has gotten a lot of play on the radio, and will make you want to get out of your chair and have a dance party in the middle of the day.

"Darkside" By blink-182

Power through your to-do list for work with this track from blink-182. The chorus is made for the moments when you're pushing through like a boss, serving powerful chords and jam-like energy. You'll probably want to play this one again and again and again.

"Work (feat. Drake)" By Rihanna

This jam from Rihanna will always keep you motivated when you're working from home. Whether you have a day filled with assignments and Zoom meetings, or a chill afternoon ahead of you, this track will get you to #work.

"On Track" By Tame Impala

For those who are working from home but prefer a more chill playlist to keep them company during the day, there's a track by Tame Impala that'll keep you "on track." It starts simple and slow, but works it way up to a consistent beat. To say the least, worthy of jamming every day.