Bella Hadid Just Debuted Bangs & I Feel Like I'm Looking At A New Person

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Maybe it's just me, but it really does seem like bangs are making a major comeback. Don't get me wrong, I too suffered a traumatic meltdown at the age of 15 when I spontaneously cut bangs I hated, but Bella Hadid's new bangs are so good, they're making me consider giving the look a second chance. Hadid has sported fringe in the past, but her latest chop is particularly chic, and just in time for Fashion Week, natch.

When you're a model like Bella Hadid, pretty much everything looks incredible on you, which I imagine makes getting ready even more difficult than it is for me when I want to look cute but none of my jeans fit. A struggle, no doubt, but in Hadid's case, too many options can be just as overwhelming! Still, she isn't shy about taking risks and trying new looks, and when she hit up a Michael Kors event earlier this week, she debuted a new 'do that featured her wispiest bangs to date. They were a huge hit, obviously, because like I said, the girl can really do no wrong.

These new bangs make Hadid's hoop earrings and sexy LBD look downright adorable:

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And based on her Instagram post, in which she's hamming it up for the camera, it's safe to say she's clearly feeling her new look:

While Hadid has rocked a variety of bang styles in the past, from long, parted curtain bangs to thick, straight-across forehead fringe, this piecey look paired with a long pony is definitly my favorite so far. I immediately started examining the pictures to try and assess whether or not they were a clip-in hairpiece, but if they are, I really can't tell. They look so real!

However, I then noticed Kendall Jenner post a selfie with almost the exact same new 'do:

Coincidence? Perhaps, but I think not. If I had to guess, I'd assume that the two are walking in a fashion show together, and the beauty look required some straight-across bangs. But who knows! Maybe Kenny was just jealous of her friend's latest chop, and decided to give her own strands an update.

Like I said, this isn't Hadid's first time incorporating bangs into her look:

Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But more often than not, she tends to opt for a super slicked-back style:

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Still, I think the piecey bangs with a tight pony feels like the perfect happy medium:

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And according to Twitter, I'm not the only one who thought she really nailed this look:

Behold, the power of a trendsetter! Bangs were already creeping their way back into the beauty world, but models like Hadid and Jenner are just the It Girls to solidify the trend as here to stay. BTW, Jenner captioned her selfie "yes, no, maybe so?" which makes me 99 percent sure that the bangs are in fact clip-on and not permanent. Honestly, though, I wouldn't mind if either model made the cut for real. Bangs are back, baby!