Bella Hadid Can't Stop Gushing About How Great The Weeknd Is In Her 73 Questions Interview

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Bella Hadid is the latest celebrity to partake in Vogue's 73 Questions series, and it's all about horses. Yup, Bella Hadid is apparently a horse girl! She revealed in the video that she was a competitive horseback rider for 10 years before foraying into photography and modeling (though, maybe I'm the only one who didn't know this). But the best part of the video was her quotes about her boyfriend, aka The Weeknd, aka Abel Tesfaye. And Bella Hadid's 73 Questions with Vogue show how in love with the singer she is.

While strolling through a stable, Hadid and the 73 Questions interviewer talked about Hadid's childhood growing up in D.C., competitive horseback riding, her time at Parsons School of Design, and her career as a model. Naturally, we weren't going to get through the whole 73-question interview without at least one mention of her newly rekindled relationship with The Weeknd. (They were together, broke up, then got back together after The Weeknd's brief relationship with Selena Gomez.)

“Who makes you laugh the hardest?” the interviewer asked.

"My boyfriend," Hadid responded, her face beaming. "My boyfriend" was also her response when she was asked who she thought the most beautiful person in the world is.

Hadid is straight-up joyous throughout the entire interview.

Also, I have never seen anyone flip their damn hair as much as she did in 10 minutes. I honestly want to go back through the video and count every single time she flipped her hair. It has to be close to 50, if not more. Though, if I had silky smooth hair like that, I might be a hair-flipping machine, too.

Anyways, back to how much Bella Hadid loves The Weeknd. While she didn't mention this in the 73 Questions video, Hadid and The Weeknd are reportedly living together!

Multiple sources reported in October 2018 that the singer had asked his model girlfriend to move into the $60,000-a-month Tribeca condo he got in New York City. Elite Daily reached out to The Weeknd and Hadid's teams at the time for comment on the reports, but did not hear back by the time of publication. Although, based on an Instagram Hadid posted on Dec. 7, it seems like the rumors might be true.

"I miss you New York," she said in the caption. "We just got a new couch. I can’t wait to actually lay on it."

"We just got a new couch" definitely makes it clear that she just got new furniture with some kind of roommate. Whether or not that roommate is Abel Tesfaye is not entirely clear, but considering her caption referenced New York and that's where The Weeknd's condo is, it wouldn't be a far-off assumption.

She also posted this Instagram of her and The Weeknd on Oct. 16, calling her boyfriend her "home."

Yup, these two definitely look in love enough to live together.

She posted the above series of photos on Oct. 16 as well. It served as a thank you to everyone who helped her celebrate her birthday, which was on Oct. 9.

"I know I’m a lil late," she said in the caption, "but I’m still in shock thinking about my birthday this year. I’ve never felt so much love & happiness. Thank u to my baby, my beautiful family and friends for making this surprise so special. This was the best day ever( EVER) .. thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes. I feel so lucky, I can’t believe it."

I have a 74th question for you, Bella. Are you and The Weeknd living together or not?!