Barack & Michelle Obama's Astrological Compatibility Is No Surprise

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Chances are, when the Obamas left the White House, a little piece of your heart left with them, too. No matter where you land on the political spectrum, it's difficult not to swoon over the former President and First Lady — they're just so darn charming. Of course, if you take a peek at Barack & Michelle Obama's astrological compatibility, their reign as couple goals of the free world comes as no surprise. Born Aug. 4, 1961, Barack is a Leo. Michelle was born on Jan. 17, 1964, making her a Capricorn.

Leo and Capricorn may seem super different on the surface. You've got a bold, brash fire sign who lives to be the center of attention, and an earth sign who has no problem keeping their head down to make magic behind the scenes. Cap will probably have to give their Leo partner a reality check every now and then, and Leo will encourage their Capricorn lover to let loose and celebrate their hard work. But look closer, and you'll find that Leos and Caps like Barack and Michelle have values and life perspectives that are very much aligned.

They Stand Up Fearlessly For Their Beliefs

Barack and Michelle met while working together at a law firm, which is deeply fitting for a Leo-Cap couple. Caps are studious people. It's why they tend to be in careers where research, reflection, and discussion are key. Meanwhile, Leos like Barack thrive on praise and drama. They live for the chance to impress others with their bravado and well-crafted arguments. While their approaches and attitudes differ, both signs like to speak up for what they believe in, so it tracks that Barack and Michelle have been together for so long — over 30 years!

Their astrological compatibility makes it obvious why they were such a great First Couple. They cemented their reputation as a duo who unapologetically goes after what they want. Even now that they're out of the White House, they continue to be vocal about their interests and opinions. A prime example is Michelle and Barack's Netflix deal. The two are executive producers on several movies. Among them, documentaries about factory labor and the disability rights movement, as well as a film about abolitionist Frederick Douglass.

They're Particular In How They Present Themselves

Michelle has killed her First Lady looks since day one. (Like, literally, since the Inauguration.) She's ensured that Sasha and Malia Obama come to slay as well. Michelle was bound to have eye-catching-but-sensible style. Take a look at the Caps in your life. Even when they're stunting on you, Capricorns will serve you practical glamour.

Save for the Shakespearean drama of the infamous tan suit, Barack has always kept his fashion choices low-key. But in typical Leo fashion, he's always taken great pains to appear presidential, but ~cool~; a commander-in-chief who cracks dad jokes and jams to Young Thug, DaBaby, Beyoncé, and Lizzo. It's a delicate balance that would impress any goal-minded, effortlessly chic Cap like Michelle.

They're Super Hard Workers

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You don't need to read The Audacity of Hope by Barack or Becoming by Michelle to know they're both determined people. Barack fought past centuries of institutional racism to become the first Black president of the United States — enough said. If there was ever a zodiac sign with fiery drive and endless optimism to become president, especially the first Black one, it's Leo. A president needs a partner who's loyal, steadfast, and confident enough in their skin to endure all the pitfalls of being in the public eye. A Cap like Michelle could totally handle it and find a way to rise above the shade with poise, style, and several accomplishments under her belt.

Even though the Obamas no longer get their mail at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, they're still on their grind. Through the Obama Foundation, this fire sign legend and this earth sign queen are working to empower youth and engage them in politics. From their perseverance and lion-like courage, to their impeccable style, alluring swag, and admirable hustle, Barack and Michelle are undeniably a Leo-Capricorn couple. You could say their astrological compatibility put them on the path to greatness, but no matter where their grind came from, these two are relationship goals of presidential and astrological proportions.

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