14 Tweets About Dating A Leo That Shine A Light On This Diva Of A Sign

Shutterstock; @poetastrologers/Twitter

Here are some Leo celebrities for you: Jennifer Lopez. Madonna. Whitney Houston. Kylie Jenner. Surprised by any of them? Yeah, didn't think so. But here's the thing about this fire sign: All Leos are celebrities, if only in their own mind. Those born between July 23 and Aug. 22 are the kings and queens of the astrological jungle. It's no surprise that their birthday falls within the sweatiest time of year, because — from their attitude to their fashion sense — Leos are hot in every sense of the word. I've rounded up some of the best tweets about dating a Leo, and if you know one, love one, or are one, you're sure to relate.

When it comes to stealing scenes and serving looks, those born under the sign of the lion do it better than anyone. They may have a reputation for being divas, but I'd like to think that Leos aren't high maintenance — they just have high standards. And though Leos thrive on admiration and attention, they're likely to give that love back to you tenfold. If you've ever wondered what it's like to dance this fickle, flirty, fiery, and fun-loving sign, these tweets will hopefully help you better understand.

They Require A Fair About Of Affirmation

Dating a Leo means reminding them on a daily basis how sexy, funny, and superior they are. Yes, it's unlikely that they have forgotten how great they are, but it never hurts to hear you say it.

They Thrive On Praise

Leos don't just require recognition — they require applause, and if you give it to them, they'll love you forever.

They Hate When Anyone Gets In Their Way

You know how Tinkerbell needs attention in order to stay alive? I bet anything she's a Leo.

They Don't Think Being The Center Of Attention At All Times Is An Unrealistic Expectation

If you don't mind being relegated to the background, then dating a Leo might just be for you.

They Live For Drama

Leos never just walk into a room — they strut, and they would appreciate it if you don't step on their gown.

They Have A Tendency To Make Things About Themselves

When Leos ask, "How are you doing?" they sincerely want to know, because they are incredibly kind and generous individuals. But if you can give them an opening to turn the conversation back to themselves, that would be ideal.

They're A Bit Indecisive

OK, they're totally indecisive. It's just hard not to get distracted when there are so many options and so many potential people to date.

They Usually Only Distracted Because They're Busy Having Fun

Leos don't have a malicious bone in their body. They just have a short attention span and an unquenchable thirst for fun. Is that so wrong?

They See Themselves As Blameless

You can't blame them, because if they don't think they did anything wrong, then they didn't really do anything wrong. Right?

They're Always In The Right, And They Won't Let You Forget It

Don't even try to best a Leo, because you're (literally) playing with fire.

They're Date Themselves If They Could

But be warned: When two Leos get together, it usually ends up being a fight to the death. You've seen The Lion King, right?

They're Absolute Fire In Bed

Leos aren't all self-serving and pleasure seeking, especially when they're seeking to give you pleasure.

They Want Everyone Around Them To Feel Good

Leos are all about lifting others up, not putting them down. Having a Leo in your life means having a personal cheerleader, so you can forget about having bad days.

They Can Never Be Replaced

Good luck trying to date anyone else after dating a Leo, because no one else is going to match their shine.

Forget what the haters say, Leo — you were born to shine, and you can't let anyone stand in your light. The right person is sure to see you for all of your glittery, gorgeous greatness (and, hopefully, remind you of your greatness constantly).