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3 Zodiac Signs Least Compatible With Leos In Love, So Steer Clear


When it comes to being extra, Leos do it best. You can't help it, Leos — you were born under the sign of the lion, which means that you were born to take the lead. Bubbly, enthusiastic, and just a touch dramatic, Leos love life in the spotlight, and it makes sense, seeing as they're ruled by the sun, which never goes retrograde. Despite being dedicated friends and lovers, not everyone is totally compatible with this fire sign, and when it comes to zodiac signs least compatible with Leos, three signs in particular come to mind.

In order to hang with the kings and queens of the celestial jungle, you simply can't be shy. Leos need a partner who's going to be as down for adventure as they are. If your ideal night involves playing video games at home rather than dancing in the hottest club in town, you're going to have a hard time keeping a Leo interested. And while opposites sometimes do attract and true love can triumph astrological incompatibility, it's more likely that — if you're one of these signs — a Leo is far from your perfect love match. Some signs just weren't meant to be — especially a Leo and these three.

Pisces (Feb. 19 — March 20)

Despite the fact that both a Pisces and a Leo are all about showing the love, this water sign and fire sign are about as incompatible as two signs can be. Pisceans are dreamers who spend more time in their heads than in reality, while Leos are all about taking action. While both are generous and kind lovers, Leo’s directness is likely to intimidate a Pisces, while a Pisces' dreamy idealism will probably try the patience of a Leo.

Pisceans also tend to be passive, while Leos are never afraid to assert themselves. It's pretty much inevitable that a zen, chill Pisces is going to find the always-excitable Leo to be a little bossy. Leos simply don't know how to stand still, and they'll probably find that a Pisces won't want to indulge in the same active social life that they crave.

Taurus (April 20 — May 20)

What do a bull and a lion have in common? They both like to get their way, which will probably lead to them butting heads. It's true that these two share a lot of similar qualities — they're both strong, ambitious, and bold — but it's precisely their similarities that make them ill-suited for each other. After all, when you put two stubborn people together, neither is going to compromise, and for Leos and Taureans, that can be a problem.

These two signs do have their differences. A Leo loves to be the center of attention, while a Taurus prefers the security and stability of staying on the sidelines. These signs may both enjoy the thrill of luxury and beauty, but Taureans are at peace with being financially conservative. For Leos, no indulgence is too great, so they're likely to leave a Taurus feeling pretty unsettled.

Virgo (Aug. 23 — Sept. 22)

Unlike Taureans and Leos, Virgos and Leos have practically nothing in common. Like Pisces, this earth sign is cool as a cucumber, while Leos are total spitfires. A Virgo tends to be shy and reserved, while a Leo is 100% extroverted. These signs are both rational and conscious, but they differ in that Virgos want to rationalize everything in life, while self-assured Leos believe they already have all the answers.

Both are prideful signs, but they display that pride in different ways. Virgos are often too proud to indulge in big displays of emotions, while Leos use their pride to justify their emotional outbursts. A Leo may attempt to crack a Virgo's hard shell, but they'll likely find that a Leo's boldness will only make a Virgo more reluctant to open up.