Jamie and Trevor on ABC's 'The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart'

Here's Everything We Know About Jamie & Trevor's Post-'LTYH' Relationship


It's been a dramatic journey for Jamie and Trevor on The Bachelor's newest spin-off. With love triangles to ex drama, they were no strangers to hardship. After the duo took their final bows in Nashville, however, fans are wondering if Jamie and Trevor are still together after Listen To Your Heart. Though the two seemed to be smitten on the show, it's unclear what happened after cameras stopped filming.

After initially connecting with two guys on night one (Trevor and Ryan), Jamie was caught in a love-triangle. Then, after she picked Trevor, Trevor's past caught up with him when his ex's friend, Natascha, came on the show as a late arrival and aired some facts about his "emotional cheating" in the past. Despite the rocky start, though, the two quickly found their groove and grew together as artists.

Warning: Spoilers follow for The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart finale. Both Trevor and Jamie seemed sure about their feelings heading into the final performance — especially after they spent the night together in the Fantasy Suite. Still, despite making it to the finale, their performance wasn't enough to overpower the charm of Bri and Chris, and the couple ended up coming in second place.

Though the two didn't walk away with a tour bus and a big prize, they did leave the stage hand-in-hand and beaming, with plans to continue their relationship post-competition. While there's no definite news on whether couple stayed together or broke up, fans are looking into evidence of either possibility.

First of all, Jamie and Trevor still follow each other on social media. While that doesn't say a lot, it says something in the digital age. They've posted plenty of photos of them together and have spoken extremely highly of one another, but whether that's just normal show press or something more, the jury is still out.

On the other hand, while the pair seemed to have long-term potential, (earmuffs, Jamie-Trevor shippers) it's clear the two aren't quarantining together (unless they've only been sharing throwbacks in order to throw viewers off their scent). Trevor's been posing with his new camper van and one-year-old puppy, while Jamie's been releasing some original songs (including one about a new love — whether she means Trevor or someone else, fans don't know) and posing from what appears to be her Nashville apartment.

While viewers are unsure where the duo stands, it's easy to see Trevor and Jamie are still fond of each other, whether their romantic relationship lasted post-production or not. Until they break the silence, fans can take comfort in the fact that the winners of Listen To Your Heart, Bri and Chris, really did walk away with it all, including each other. I guess Chris Harrison may truly know what he's doing after all.